My Kaohsiung Year in Review 2019

2019 was the first full year for My Kaohsiung and it was a banner year. We present some of My Kaohsiung’s most popular stories of 2019 starting with January.

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We strive to bridge the cultural gap and provide information and services for both the foreign and local communities. We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

January 2019: Ginger Duck Hot Pot

Ginger Duck Hot Pot (薑母鴨 – jiāng mǔ yā) is a seasonal dish popular in the winter. Since we are technically in the Winter, we encourage you to try this traditional Taiwanese dish.

January 2019: FIRSTLAPSE’s Henrik Matzen: Introducing Taiwan to the World

Henrik Matzen and his partner, Jonas Hoholt, are the geniuses behind “A Taste of Taiwan.” The video launched Henrik to national recognition and appreciation for his unique art and contribution to Taiwan. After the video went viral, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau contacted him for a follow up video to capture the beauty of Taiwan and share it with the world.

February 2019: Keep Calm and Love Strawberries 🍓🍓🍓

February is the season for strawberries. Be sure to place a reminder to go to the strawberry farms to pick fresh strawberries. Our guest writer, Evangeline Laurza, introduced one such farm.

March 2019: Pingtung Lantern Festival

The event saw almost 200K visitors on the final day. It was Taiwan’s biggest lantern festival hosted in the South and was a special treat and a great success.

March 2019: Springbreak on the Beach

March saw one of the biggest Springbreak parties in Taiwan. This year, the party featured a special guest star, Mr. Uekusa of Japan. He gained fame from Britain’s Got Talent 2018, where he gave a memorable performance. See his BGT show in the article.

April 2019: Earthquake Rattles Kaohsiung

It was the strongest earthquake to hit Kaohsiung since the 6.4 magnitude earthquake on February 6, 2016. The earthquake was 5.6 in magnitude and rated a moderate “4” on the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau’s intensity scale. There were no reports of any major damage.

June 2019: Bikini Bike Ride

This event was popularized in Kaohsiung, but has gained worldwide attention. The photo below is #3 in Google search for “Bikini Bike Ride.” Mark your calendars for June when the organizer, Brickyard Club, starts the I Love Summer pool parties.

July 2019: A Taste of Taiwan II

Henrik Matzen and Jonas Høholt of FIRSTLAPSE released their sequel to the highly popular video, “A Taste of Taiwan.” The video below is the culmination of their work. My Kaohsiung interviewed Henrik while he was shooting the second video. You can watch the exclusive “Behind the Scenes” here.

August 2019: Seafood Restaurant Giving Back

Located in a quiet village right by the Zhong Zhou Ferry Station (中洲渡船頭), the Seashore Seafood (海濱海產) is an ordinary restaurant with an extraordinary story. The home-style restaurant is locally owned by Mr. Chuang (莊明祥), Mrs. Chuang (張素霞) and their son (莊俊立). Coming from generations of fishermen, Mr. Chuang is not only a seafood expert, but also a philanthropist. The owner is renowned for his charitable works.

September 2019: Kaohsiung Landmark Selected in Time’s 2019 World’s Greatest Places

Time Magazine announced their second annual World’s Greatest Places 2019 in their September 2nd edition. Amazingly, one of Kaohsiung’s most famous landmarks and attractions has made the list, which is a first for any place or attraction in Taiwan.

September 2019: Cindy’s Sunny Girls Dream World Storytime

A wonderful “Sunny Girl’s Dream World” storytime. 陽光女孩的夢想世界講故事時間! Cindy’s energetic, bilingual, storytime teaching incorporates her original pop music and dance choreography. Cindy runs the Cindy Wu Music Studio and took time from her busy performance schedule to connect with children to inspire them through music.

October 2019: Double Ten Day

The Double Ten holiday represents the founding of the Republic of China, so an Independence Day, so to say. This year, Pingtung was honored with hosting the longest-ever Double Ten fireworks.

December 2019: Christmas in Kaohsiung

It is that time of the year again! My Kaohsiung presents many festive ways to celebrate Christmas in Kaohsiung.

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