Brickyard Club 紅磚地窖

Brickyard is a well-known venue in Kaohsiung for partying all night. The melting pot of Kaohsiung City, Brickyard has theme nights for everyone, from student to teacher, and everyone in-between. Top DJs set the vibe for party goers to dance to with such genres as House Music, Hip Hop, and Latin Salsa. Brickyard is the place to be for a night out with friends. Plus, they treat ladies right by offering free or discounted entry fees.

Nightly Specials

Student Night

🎀 男女生都享有無限暢飲 女生免費入場 男生400 , 憑學生證/貴賓卡 200
🎀 All You Can Drink for everyone
🎀 Free entry for ladies | 400 for guys | 200 for Students

Brickyard Club Kaohsiung

Rainbow Night

🌈 票價一律300元 12:00前調酒買一送一
🌈 300nt door cover
🌈 Cocktails buy 1 get 1 free before midnight

Brickyard Club Kaohsiung

Latin Night

💃男生300 女生150 12:00前調酒買一送一
💃 300 for guys 150 for girls
💃 Cocktails buy 1 get 1 free before midnight

Brickyard Club Kaohsiung

Party Night

🌟 詳情請見活動頁, 票價都附一杯酒唷!
🌟 See event page:
🌟 Cover charge includes one drink 🍺 訂位

放鬆 好玩 無拘 無束 做自己 好自在

Relax, have fun, make yourself comfortable.



What can I say this was the first club I went to when I got to Kaohsiung and Guess what i still go to it every time I can ! This a bar slash club that’s gets you into the groove especially when it’s SHINE night and everything is glowing ! You will love the Staff and their customer service, the owners are a little crazy, a little crazyyyy when they get into celebrating the night with you !ha ha this is a bar that will always want you wanting more on any given day of the week !

Kermit Lim Endy

Business Hours

Wednesday9PM – 3:30AM
Thursday9PM – 3:30AM
Friday9PM – 3:30AM
Saturday9PM – 12AM

Contact Information


(訂位) : 886 (07) 215-0024


801, No. 507, Zhongshan 2nd Road, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City

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