Cindy Wu Up Close and Personal

Cindy Wu is a uniquely talented performer who calls Kaohsiung City her home. After growing up in the United States and studying at a prestigious music school in New York, she came back to Kaohsiung City. We want to share her story and the things that drive her. She even has a powerful message for the younger generation growing up in today’s world.

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Kaohsiung 2021 New Year’s Celebrations

Kaohsiung will be hosting the 2021 New Years in one of the biggest and best celebration in the history of Kaohsiung. The Dagang Bridge will be the site for the main stage with some of Taiwan’s most popular celebrities. Eda World will feature a 10-minute fireworks show. Finally, Cijin’s Sunset Bar offers party tents and fireworks!

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Hakka Walker Festival 2020-好客旅遊去

The Meinong Hakka History Museum is hosting a month-long festival. This is a fun opportunity for everyone to experience the Hakka culture. Learn more about the festival in this bilingual article.

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