NYE 2023 Kaohsiung City

This year, Kaohsiung City will feature THREE fireworks festivals for the 2023 New Year’s celebrations.

Kaohsiung City is going all out to celebrate the 2023 New Year. There will not be 1, not 2, BUT…3 fireworks in Kaohsiung. The city will host two fireworks on New Year’s Eve at the Dream Mall and New Year’s Day at the Kaohsiung Music Center.

Dream Mall

The main fireworks for New Year’s Eve celebrations will be at the Dream Mall. The performances will start at 7pm and run through 1am. In fact, Kaohsiung’s mayor, Chen Chi-mai, is expected to make a presence and believes that Kaohsiung’s celebrations will be the biggest New Year’s Eve festival in all of Taiwan!

Source: FTV

The fireworks will go on for 180 seconds to ring in the new year. For the first time, there will be two stages, symbolizing Kaohsiung’s “Leaping Into the Future” theme. The stage will be at the intersection of the main crossroads of the Dream Mall. The stage will be at the Zhonghua 5th Road and Shidai Boulevard intersections, which is in front of the main entrance of the Dream Mall.

There are two ways to get there. The first is to take the MRT to the Kaisyuan Station and walk a short distance to the venue. The second method is to take the Light Rail, LRT, to the Dream Mall Station.

Kaohsiung Music Center

The 2023 New Year’s celebrations doesn’t end with the NYE fireworks. Amazingly, Kaohsiung City is hosting a second fireworks show at the Kaohsiung Music Center on Jan 1, 2023. The performances will start at 8pm.

E-Da Outlet Mall

The 2023 New Year’s Eve fireworks at the E-Da Outlet Mall will offer 999 seconds of fireworks, which is among the longest in all of Taiwan.

Additionally, the E-Da Ferris Wheel ride can be reserved during the peak night hours of 10:30pm through 12:30am.

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