E-Da Shuttle Bus

Popular Locations

8501 HSR Zuoying Station
Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum
8502 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
MRT Kaohsiung Arena Station
MRT Aozihdi Station
Dashun 1st Rd. (Costco)
Dollars Mall (Minzu Store)
8503 Kaohsiung City Hall
The Lees Hotel
Kaohsiung Cultural Center
Science & Tech Museum Train Station
Carrefour (Dingshan Store)
8504 MRT Fongshan Jr. High School Station
MRT Dadong Station
Fengshan Train Station
8505 Weiwuying National Center for the Arts
MRT Weiwuying Station
MRT Martial Arts Stadium Station

(8501): Taiwan High Speed Rail to E-DA Mall and Fo Guan Shan

(8502): Museum of Fine Arts to E-DA Mall


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