Traveling in Taiwan Just Got Easier

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau launched a booking website that makes traveling around Taiwan easier and possibly even cheaper.


Taiwanstay was recently launched by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. It allows booking of accommodations without going through a third-party company. Also, the accommodations can be filtered based around Kaohiung’s major attractions and things to do.

Kaohsiung Taiwan Travel and Tourism Hotel Booking
Source: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

About Taiwanstay

The site includes accommodations for:

  • Tourist Hotel
  • Hotel
  • Homestay

Also, travelers can filter the city, township, rates, number of rooms, and room type. The results can be further filtered based on typical criteria, such as restaurant, conference room, etc. However, there are some unusual filter criteria that are not normally available on other booking sites: Senior Housing, Archery Field, Muslim Restaurant, Indian Restaurant, Vegetarian Restaurant, AED, among other fields. This goes to show how accommodating Taiwan is to meet specific traveler needs and sensitivity to other cultures and their particular diets.

Kaohsiung has accommodations to meet any budget or needs. In fact, 464 places are listed on Taiwanstay. The rates for Kaohsiung ranges from 300-500 NTD to 10,000-200,000 NTD per night.

According to the bureau, any legal accommodations business can be listed on the website.

If the Chinese version of the page comes up, simply click on the “語言” dropdown option on the option bar and choose “英文.” Japanese language is also available, “日文.”

More Options

Kaohsiung Hotel Booking
Source: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

In addition to booking accommodations, other information about Taiwan is readily available through links on the Taiwanstay page.

Star Hotel

Quick link to major cities and their most popular accommodations.

Taiwan Host

Link to some of Taiwan most popular travel destinations.


Filters accommodations based on shopping areas throughout Taiwan. For Kaohsiung, three areas are available: Liuhe Night Market, New Juejiang Commercial Area, and the Sanduo Commercial Area.


Filters results based on proximity to rail and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations.


Provides a list of hotel near airports. There are 7 hotels listed for Kaohsiung. The rates range from 1,280 NTD to 10,000 NTD per night.


Returns hotels near major business venues. In southern Taiwan, the only business venue listed is Kaohsiung’s Exhibition and Convention Center (KECC). This is useful for travelers arriving to attend the many conventions hosted in Kaohsiung.

Hot Springs

This is probably one of the more popular travel destinations. While Kaohsiung isn’t renowned for hot springs, there are three destinations nearby:

  • Guanzihling Hot Spring
  • Baolai Hot Springs
  • Sichong River Hot Springs

Hot Spot

This listing coincides with festivals in Taiwan. While non is listed for Kaohsiung, travelers can arrange their accommodations around festivals throughout Taiwan.


  • recoup – 補償
  • accommodation – 住所
  • vegetarian – 素食者
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator – 稱為「自動體外心臟電擊去顫器」,是一台能夠自動偵測傷病患心律脈搏、並施以電擊使心臟恢復正常運作的儀器,因為使用的方式相當容易,開啟機器時會有語音說明其使用方式,並有圖示輔助說明,就像使用「傻瓜相機」一樣簡單,所以,坊間稱之為「傻瓜電擊器」。 (source: Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare)
  • sensitivity – 敏感度

Cover Photo: Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Taiwanstay (screenshot)

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