Cindy Wu Up Close and Personal

Cindy Wu is a uniquely talented performer who calls Kaohsiung City her home. After growing up in the United States and studying at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, she came back to Kaohsiung City. We want to share her story and the things that drive her. She even has a powerful message for the younger generation growing up in today’s diverse world.

Kaohsiung City boasts many talented musicians and performers. However, few performers have so many job titles as Cindy Wu. She is a singer, both solo and duet with the band, “Blend Duo,” songwriter, bi-lingual music teacher, vocal recorder, dance choreographer, wedding host, event host, master of ceremonies, artistic and creative director, and motivational speaker! Oh, she’s also a published author.

Kaohsiung is fortunate to have Cindy call it her home. She brings her heart and soul to not only advancing the performing arts in Kaohsiung, but more importantly, she reaches out to the younger generation to instill positivity, the importance of learning from others, and to celebrate our uniqueness in a collective way. She’s also an ambassador for the international community, promoting the diversity and the unique cultures that enrich Kaohsiung City.

The international community is one of the biggest positive point here in Kaohsiung. We love Kaohsiung, and majority of us calls it our home! If Kaohsiung City Government is willing to seek strong action in recognizing the importance and the value of the international community, the future of Kaohsiung in the eyes of the world will become a model city.


Interview with Cindy

My Kaohsiung: As a performer, you might have had more opportunities in bigger cities, so why did you made Kaohsiung your home?

Cindy: Kaohsiung has always been the heart city for my family, especially for my dad. My parents moved back to Kaohsiung from Castro Valley, California when my father retired due to a health issue . I came back to Kaohsiung to help when his health condition was worsen. When he passed, I decided to stay with mom in Kaohsiung so I can be closer to home, and closer to him in presence when I need to visit him in his burial ground.

My Kaohsiung:作為表演者,妳可能在其他⼤城市會有更多的機會,那麼為什麼要以⾼雄作為⾃⼰的家呢?

Cindy: ⾼雄⼀直是我家⼈⼼中的城市,尤其是我的爸爸。爸爸因為健康出問題,退休後與媽媽從加利福尼亞州卡斯特羅⾕搬回⾼雄。之後他的健康狀況惡化,我回來⾼雄幫忙照顧。爸爸過世後,我決定留在⾼雄陪媽媽,這樣我離家更近,也可更⽅便去弔念過世的爸爸!

My Kaohsiung: What are your goals, both professional and personal?

Cindy: My father’s passing has made a huge impact in my life, because he always reminded me to never take anything for granted! Through his teaching and encouragement, my goals both professionally and personally are the same, to live a positive and productive life. So now, every night before I sleep, I’ll ask myself “What have I done today”? “Was it a happy day”? “Have I spread love and care to the people around me”? If I am satisfy with my answers, to me that would be consider a good day!

My Kaohsiung:妳的職業和個⼈⽬標是什麼?

Cindy: 爸爸的去世對我的⼈⽣產⽣了很⼤的影響,因為他提醒我永遠不要把任何事情視為理所當然,擁有的要珍惜!有爸爸的教誨與⿎勵,我的職業和個⼈⽬標會是⼀致的,我每天過著正⾯與充實的⽣活。我每天晚上睡覺前都會問⾃⼰,今天做過了什麼?是否過得愉快?是否有對周邊的⼈給予關愛?如果對⾃⼰的回答是感到滿意的,那對我來說就是美好的⼀天!

My Kaohsiung: What are you passionate about?

Cindy: I’m passionate about anything with music and education to inspire myself and others. It means a lot to me to know that I’m a person of positive value to my society and to the people around me. I’m always grateful that I can spread love through music and education, most of all, to spread happiness!

My Kaohsiung:妳對什麼感興趣?

Cindy: 我熱爱⾳樂和教育,以激勵⾃⼰和他⼈。做⼀個能對社會和周圍的⼈有正⾯積極能量的⼈,對我來

My Kaohsiung: What do you see as things Kaohsiung can do better?

Cindy: Kaohsiung in my heart is the southern gem of Taiwan. It is rich in culture, history, beautiful places, people, and its uniqueness in diversity. With that being said, if the uniqueness can come together as one big union, it will certainly make this city an even more inviting place!

My Kaohsiung:妳認為⾼雄可以在那⽅⾯做得更好?

Cindy: ⾼雄在我⼼⽬中是台灣的南⽅寶⽯。它擁有豐富的⽂化,歷史,美麗的境地,⼈們的多樣性與獨特

My Kaohsiung: What do you do to relax?

Cindy: I love traveling with my mom, enjoying good food and wine, and socializing with friends and family. These are the things I love to do to relax. One more thing, I also value my sleep religiously!

My Kaohsiung:妳如何放鬆?

Cindy: 我喜歡和媽媽⼀起去旅⾏,享受美食和美酒,與朋友和家⼈交際,這些都是我放鬆⾝⼼所愛做的事情。還有⼀點我更重視睡眠!

My Kaohsiung: What is something people don’t know about you?

Cindy: I love to cook when I have time! I used to work in the service industry during my time living in Rochester, New York for over 15 years, it’s one of my favorite things to do to explore new recipes. I also love to learn; I’m always searching for new knowledge of things that I don’t know.

My Kaohsiung:妳有什麼事情是外⼈們不知道的?

Cindy: 有空的時候我喜歡下廚!在紐約州羅切斯特住的期間,我曾經在服務業⼯作了15年以上,這是我探索新食譜時最喜歡做的事情之⼀。我也喜歡學習新東⻄,我永遠會收尋與探討我不知道的新事物。

My Kaohsiung: What message do you have for the younger generation growing up in an ever expanding international environment?

Cindy: Be proud of who you are and where you come from no matter what! The world is changing, and it needs positivity and love from everyone from everywhere to join together. We live in a world that shouldn’t be divided by our differences, instead, we should all be celebrating our uniqueness and learning from each other!

My Kaohsiung:對於⼀直在不斷擴⼤的國際環境中成長的年青⼀代,妳有什麼訊息給予他們?

Cindy: 無論⾝在何處,你都要為⾃⼰的⾝份和出⾝感到驕傲!世界在變化,需要有來⾃世界各地的⼈以積極和愛團結在⼀起。我們⽣活在⼀個不應該有因差距⽽分裂的世界裡,相反的,我們所有的⼈都應該慶幸⾃⼰有的獨特性和相互學習的機會!

Cindy Wu Biography

Cindy began learning piano at the age of 6. When she was 10, she immigrated with her family to San Francisco, California, U.S.A. During this period, she won many awards and scholarships with outstanding grades. She continued by studying at The Eastman School of Music in University of Rochester as a piano performance major. After graduation, she followed one of the Juilliard School’s master professor for private study.

Between the years of 1995-2010, Cindy was an active performer and music teacher in U.S.A. She has performed piano, singing, and dancing all over the East coast of U.S.A. and Canada; in Wedding events, churches, outdoor music festivals, hotels, private country clubs, and concert halls with Rochester, New York’s prestigious “NIK Entertainment Co.” prior returning to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in February 2011. She is currently teaching various piano/violin/vocal/English drama lessons (one on one and group) at her own Cindy Wu Music Studio.

Cindy currently teaches English Music classes and Bilingual Music classes at “Cheng Yi Senior High school” located in the Fengshan District, Kaohsiung. In her spare time after teaching, she works as a voice-over personnel and English music lyricist with the prestigious Cinderella Studio in Kaohsiung City.

Cindy currently teaches English Music classes and Bilingual Music classes at “Cheng Yi Senior High school” located in the Fengshan District, Kaohsiung. In her spare time after teaching, she works as a voice-over personnel and English music lyricist with the prestigious Cinderella Studio in Kaohsiung City.

Through this company, she and Mr. Jeff Wen published an English learning chant book called “Dance Chant”, learning English through chant and the latest dance moves. She also created on her own a bilingual (English/Chinese) Children’s story songbook called “Sunny Girl’s Dream World”, featuring the hottest dance moves over original written high energy popular music to aid learning English and Chinese through positive thinking.

Cindy Wu 6歲開始學琴,10歲全家移⺠美國舊⾦⼭,在美期間得獎無數,成績優異取得獎學⾦進入美國紐約州伊⼠曼⾳樂學院主修鋼琴,畢業後跟隨茱麗亞⾳樂學院⼀位教授進修,歷年來獲多項⾳樂比賽⼤獎。1995-2010年期間在美國任教與表演,曾與紐約州羅徹斯特市⾼知名度的NIK娛樂⾳樂公司合作,主要在美東及加拿⼤東部ㄧ帶,婚宴、教堂、私⼈俱樂部、飯店、⼾外⾳樂節、演奏廳表演,主要以彈奏、歌唱以及舞蹈。2011年2⽉回台,現於⾼雄市設立Cindy Wu Music Studio(⾳樂學園)教授鋼琴、⼩提琴、歌唱指導及英⽂戲劇,個⼈或團體教學,現任⾼雄鳳⼭“正義⾼級中學”擔任英⽂與雙語⾳樂歌唱老師。除了教學有空之餘在⾼雄知名灰姑娘⾳樂制作有限公司擔任旁⽩、歌唱與英⽂填詞⼯作。Cindy也從事雙語⾔(中、英)勵志演說家與活動主持、個⼈歌唱、個⼈創作歌曲及與樂團合作演出,也有屬於⾃⼰的”混合雙⼈樂團”是位積極的表演者,她在敦煌書局的關係企業*英閱⾳躍硏創股份有限公司*曾經擔任創意藝術總監。兼任雙語⾔(英、中)作曲、作詞、律動與歌唱、編舞之⼯作。透過此公司,她與溫朝炯老師出版⼀本”Dance Chant” 以韻⽂與律動學習英⽂。她⾃⼰也⾃創另⼀本中英雙語兒童⾳樂律動故事書 ”陽光女孩的夢想世界“,讓孩⼦們在最流⾏的舞步與原創流⾏歌曲學習英⽂與正⾯理念。

Blend Duo

In addition to solo performances, Cindy performs duets with Enzo Librizzi. Together, they formed the band, “Blend Duo.” They have performed at major venues in Taiwan and is a popular booking for weddings and corporate parties.

Enzo Librizzi

Enzo, is originally from Italy, he began studying music when he was only six years old, by the time he was twelve he had already formed his own band called ‘New Time’. With this group he toured throughout Italy, performing original music at indoor and outdoor festivals and concerts.

He moved to Canada in 1993 to form a new band called S.E.C. It was with this group that he recorded his first album titled ‘America’. This group later became known as ‘Blakjax’, playing concerts, festivals and clubs in Canada and the U.S.A. in such states as Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas. From 1997 to 2013, Enzo has been working internationally as band leader, Keyboardist and backup vocal with Earth Beat band performing for 5 star hotels club in countries all over Asia, Middle East and Europe, in cities such as: Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Guangzhou, Macao, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Island, Jakarta, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, La Manga(Spain) and many others.

Honesty, integrity along with the willingness to learn has been an integral aspect of his career. He is an extremely self-motivated individual with a strong desire to succeed. Two qualities, which have brought him to travel the world and gain an extraordinary experience and respect in the entertainment and music business. His resourcefulness, communication skills, presentation and personal development have equipped him to become a strong leader, thus enabling him to be a valuable team member.

Enzo currently lives with his family in Taipei and holds Taiwan’s permanent residency card (APRC). He also composes his own music and performs in Taiwan with different bands as keyboardist and vocals at Weddings, Clubs, Outside festivals and Private Corporate party for company such as “Kingston, Bugatti, Acer, COSTCO, BMW, GOGORO, FORD, AMD, INTEL, ASUS, Adidas and many others. Enzo is also and actor. He has been featured in many commercials in Taiwan, such as Asus, Acer, Pharmaceutical material,, CPC corporation, and drink commercials. He has even appeared in movies such as Silence (By Martin Scorsese), Tiger Tail (Alan Yang), A Trip With Your Wife and many others.

來自義大利的Enzo在六歲時就開始學習音樂,十二歲時,他組了自己的樂團-“ New Time”並在義大利的室內和室外音樂節上表演原創音樂。他於1993年移居加拿大,成立了一支名為S.E.C.的新樂團。 在這個樂團裡,他錄製了第一張專輯“ America”。 該樂團後來被稱為“ Blakjax”在加拿大和美國的內華達州、亞利桑那州、猶他州、科羅拉多州、懷俄明州和堪薩斯州的音樂節和俱樂部裡演出。1997年至2014年之間,Enzo擔任Earth Beat團長、鍵盤手和和聲歌手,、加拿大、亞洲、中東和歐洲等國家的五星級飯店的俱樂部表演,這些城市為:台北、香港、曼谷、 新加坡、廣州、澳門、吉隆坡、雲頂高原、雅加達、杜拜、馬斯開特、巴林、拉曼加(西班牙)、等。誠實、正直和強烈上進心的特質,讓他能在國際間表演,並在娛樂和音樂界獲得非凡的經驗和尊重。他的機智、溝通、表達能力和個人發展能力使他成為優秀的領導者和樂團成員。他目前與家人住在台北,在公司工作。Earthbeat Productions ( ,同時也創作自己的音樂。他與一些不同樂團在台灣合作,在婚禮、俱樂部、戶外音樂節和私人派對中演出擔任鍵盤手或和聲歌手,如“Kingston、宏碁、COSTCO、BMW、GOGORO、FORD、AMD、INTEL、華碩、HESS 、CARREFOUR 、Adidas…等。他在台灣拍攝過一些廣告,如Asus, Acer等,並在電影-沉默、虎尾、帶你老婆去旅行、獵夢特工等中演出.

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