Kaohsiung 2021 New Year’s Celebrations

Kaohsiung will be hosting the 2021 New Years in one of the biggest and best celebration in the history of Kaohsiung. The Dagang Bridge will be the site for the main stage with some of Taiwan’s most popular celebrities. Eda World will feature a 10-minute fireworks show. Finally, Cijin’s Sunset Bar offers party tents and fireworks!

Kaohsiung 2021 New Years Countdown and Fireworks (高雄跨年晚會)

Time: 7pm – 1am

Location: Dagang Bridge (大港橋)

The Kaohsiung 2021 New Years Celebrations will be held at new Dagang Bridge. There will be not 1, but 4 venues to celebrate. Don’t muss the fireworks along the Love River!


Eda World 2021 Fireworks (義大世界)

Time: 8pm – 12:30am

Location: Eda World Lawn

Eda will host 2021 New Years Fireworks. It will last 10 minutes and 10 seconds, coinciding with the Chinese Republic year of 110. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, special precautions are being taken.

Spectators should go to the following link ( https://reurl.cc/VXdjrZ ) to fill in the contact information and health declaration before the event . If you are participating with family and friends, only one representative contact person is required. On the day of the event, if the contact information had not been filled out in advance, it must be completed at the entrance and the completion screen must be shown to the staff. For those who filled it out in advance can show a screenshot of the registration.

Mask must also be worn at all times during the event. In response to the “Autumn and Winter COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Project,” if you do not wear a mask nor listen to warnings, a fine of 3,000 to 15,000 NT will be imposed in accordance with the law.

People who are under home quarantine, home isolation, independent health management, or people with suspected symptoms such as fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, abnormal smell and taste (including performers and event staff) are not allowed in the venue.

On the day of the event, please cooperate with the temperature measurement at the entrance and alcohol disinfection of hands. Those who refuse to cooperate with epidemic prevention control measures or whose forehead temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to enter the venue.

Eating and drinking (except drinking water) is not allowed in the venue.

Cijin Sunset Bar New Years Celebration

Time: 7pm – 5am

Location: Cijin Sunset Bar

Get your all-you-can-drink tickets or book your party tents now for Southern Taiwan’s biggest NYE Party at Kaohsiung’s premiere beach bar! You can catch the last ferry at 2am, or just stay on the beach and party till the first ferry of 2021 departs at 5am.

Huge Firework display at Midnight!

Party Tents only NT$8000. Click here to reserve. Includes:

  • Beer (20x 330ml) and spirits (2x 750ml) and cider (10x 500ml) and a bottle of sparkling wine
  • Table, seats, lights for your comfort
  • Party Pack including sparklers, party poppers, party hats

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