Seashore Seafood: The Gift of Giving Back

Located in a quiet village right by the Zhong Zhou Ferry Station (中洲渡船頭), the Seashore Seafood (海濱海產) is an ordinary restaurant with an extraordinary story.


The home-style restaurant is locally owned by Mr. Chuang (莊明祥), Mrs. Chuang (張素霞) and their son (莊俊立). Coming from generations of fishermen, Mr. Chuang is a seafood expert. His knowledge and passion for seafood is reflected in the popularity of his restaurant. The restaurant has a 4.3 rating on Facebook, and a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor. Despite the yummy dishes, the owner is recognized by Taiwanese for another heart-warming reason.


Mr. Chuang is well known for his kindness. For over two decades, he has made large amounts of charitable contributions to support kids and low-income families both in Taiwan and overseas. Having a tough childhood, Mr. Chuang heartily knows that life can be challenging, so he gives back!

He started his charitable work early. As the restaurant business grew, he increased the amount of donations. “I have made enough to support my family’s basic needs, the rest goes to people in need,” said the casually-dressed owner. Mr. Chuang has since made donations to sponsor children, build schools, and many more. Sometimes, he picks up fresh seafood and brings them to needy households directly.

“Giving makes me happy.”

Mr. Chuang, owner of Seashore Seafood

The restaurant is a hidden gem away from the tourist area, so this restaurant is known mainly by the locals in Kaohsiung. It offers a great variety of fresh, seasonal, seafood dishes at reasonable prices. After 30 years in business, Seashore Seafood still a popular place for seafood.

You Can Help

Next time you are craving fresh seafood in Kaohsiung, you know where to go. 😉 Not only will you be delighted with one of the best seafood in Kaohsiung, but you will be helping his philanthropy by aiding disadvantaged children around the world, building schools, and giving food for those in need.

Seashore Seafood Menu

Seashore Seafood 海濱海產
Address: No. 68-16, Zhongzhou Lane, Qijin District, Kaohsiung City
Restaurant Number: 07-5713485
Business Hour(s): Mon-Fri 10:30-14:00/ 17:00-21:00; Sat&Sun 10:30-15:30/ 16:30-21:00
Public transportation: ZhongZhou Ferry (Qian zhenZhong zhou Route) / R4A Caoya station -> taxi (around $200)

Qian zhen – Zhong zhou Ferry Timetable

Source & photos: Seashore Seafood


  • Philanthropist – 慈善家
  • Philanthropy – 慈善事業
  • generation – 一代
  • charitable – 慈善的
  • disadvantaged children – 弱勢兒童

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