11 Ways to Learn Mandarin in Kaohsiung

Learning new languages is a lifelong endeavor. Being able to speak multiple languages is especially important in today’s world of globalization. We offer 11 ways to learn Mandarin while having fun and making new friends.


For the many people who have decided to come to Taiwan from all parts of the world to work or live, the ability to speak Chinese impacts cultural immersion and quality of life. Having some basic Chinese ability could make your experience fulfilling. MY KAOHSIUNG has compiled many ways to learn Chinese to hopefully make your stay more enjoyable.

According to Babbel Magazine, Chinese is the hardest language to learn for an English speaker. Believe it or not, it is more difficult than Arabic, Russian, Turkish, and Danish. In fact, the Foreign Service Institute ranks it a category 5, the highest difficulty level. The only language more difficult than Chinese is Japanese, due to its 3 systems of writing, to the Chinese writing system of Kanji, and the Japanese writing systems of Katakana and Hiragana.

Despite the difficulty in learning any language, Lydia Machova explains in TED Talks, that polyglots have one thing in common: patience, enthusiasm and having a plan. As long as one is dedicated and interested in learning a new language, the person would pick it up. She offers some techniques she’s heard from fellow polyglots to expedite language learning.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups offer a fun and cost-effective way to learn Chinese. These groups are geared toward language exchange, so the time is divided into learning Chinese and English. Besides learning languages, these groups offer opportunities to network and make new friends. They often have excursions and fun events.

Kaohsiung Nightlife
Sponsored: Brickyard Club. Kaohsiung’s only club featuring Student, Rainbow, and Latin Nights.

Set Fun Studio

Kaohsiung Language Learning

✅ Days: Every Wednesday
✅ Time: 7PM – 9PM
✅ Fee: NT$100 NTD (Includes drinks and snacks)
✅ Place: Reine Education Center

Set Fun Studio was started by Benita Hsia. She recently returned from working abroad and wanted to bring the English community closer by starting a language exchange group. What makes Set Fun special is that they hold fun events to promote English and Chinese. For example, they have Bingo nights, Karaoke nights, Board Game nights, and even Food Tasting. This is one of the best groups to join for language learning, since it’s more group-focused.

台灣多語言咖啡 Taiwan Multilingual Cafe

Kaohsiung Polyglot Language Learning

✅ Days: Every Tuesday
✅ Time: 7PM – 9PM
✅ Fee: $100 NTD (Includes unlimited refills of coffee and Lipton black tea)
✅ Place: D’well Hostel

Polyglot means having the ability to speak multiple languages. This Facebook group features over 6,000 members. Unique to this group is that they exchange multiple language, not just English. So, if you’re interested in learning or teaching a language besides English, like Korean, Japanese, or French, this is the perfect venue.

Wanna meet new friends and exchange your cool ideas with locals and expats? Come join our fun language meetup. In addition to exchange, if you want to practice languages, our native English, Japanese, French and Korean tutors will be glad to help you, and, last but not least, all the locals are willing to help you with your Chinese!

Polyglot Taiwan

Kaohsiung Language & Social Exchange (LEIT)

Kaohsiung Language Learning Activities

Kaohsiung LEIT (Language Exchange In Taiwan) was started by Christopher Su. This group has over 9,000 members. This page if perfect if you are looking for 1 on 1 language instruction. Many people post ads seeking language partners.

Private Tutors

Kaohsiung Learn Mandarin Chinese

✅ Email: mawi.tw@yahoo.com.tw

Many tutors are available for private instruction. One recommended tutor is Eve Tseng. She has 13 years of experience teaching all levels of Chinese. She also holds an MBA and a Chinese teacher license. Eve specializes in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Business Chinese, Living Chinese, and even Mathematics.

Formal Classes

Formal classes provide a structured learning curriculum to learn Chinese. All of the listed venues provide quality education. A staff of My Kaohsiung has taken courses at the Chinese Language Center (CLC), National Sun Yat-sen University, and it is highly recommended.

Chinese Language Center, National Sun Yat-Sen University

This institution offers full-time, part-time, and individual courses. The courses are 15 hours per week and the course length is 11 weeks. The tuition is around $28,000 NTD per quarter (11 weeks). The school is located on the campus of National Sun Yat-sen University. Therefore, transportation to the school is quite convenient.

Kaohsiung Learn Chinese at Chinese Language Center

Language Center, National University of Kaohsiung

The Division of Chinese Language, Language Center, National University of Kaohsiung offers a myriad of courses tailored to meet diverse interests.

Kaohsiung Learn Chinese

Gateway Chinese Institute, Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung Chinese Courses

This intensive immersion program offers courses of various lengths to meet the needs of the students. The instruction consists of 5 60-minute classes daily. Also, they include accommodations in the pricing. The tuition ranges from around $38,000 NTD for a 2-week course to $351,000 NTD for a 19-week course. They accommodate cancellations up to a certain period and free course changes.

Center of Language and Cultural Teaching, National Kaohsiung Normal University

Kaohsiung Learning Chinese

Mandarin Classes at Center of Language and Culture Teaching National Kaohsiung Normal University offers a structured learning environment. The classes are 15 hours per week. The tuition is about $28,000 NTD per term, which is 3 months. They also offer private 1-on-1 instruction, which cost $6,500 NTD for 10 hours or $10,500 NTD for 20 hours.

Wenzao Chinese Language Learning Center, Wenzao University

Kaohsiung Wenzao University Language Learn Mandarin

Wenzao University is Taiwan’s premier that specializes in foreign languages. It has a rich history and esteemed alumni. Their courses are 15 hours per week. The next class period is 2019.12.02 – 2020.02.21. To deadline to enroll for this period is 2019.11.01.

Wenzao was founded in 1966, as the one and only academic institution dedicated to the study of foreign languages. The Chinese Language Center (CLC) was established in 2002. Offering both academic and practical Chinese courses, CLC has attracted people from all over the world to study Chinese at Wenzao.

Wenzao University

Taipei Language Institute, Kaohsiung Branch

The Taipei Language Institute has branches in Taiwan, China, Japan, and North America. The offer programs based on the size of the class.

Individual (One-on-one) Classes

Our individual classes offer flexible instruction specifically designed with the student’s needs and goals in mind. Whether you want to begin with basic pronunciation, everyday practical English, conversation, writing, business English, or focus on a variety of different skills, we can tailor a course that’s perfect for you. Your teacher will design a course that carefully considers for your personal needs. You are also free to select a time that works for you at whichever school branch is most convenient.

Group Classes

Do you have a friend who always mentions how much they want to improve their English? At TLI, you can start your own group course! You can learn together for a more effective, enjoyable learning experience. We will customize a curriculum for you, and your goals and needs will determine the topics of the class, the materials used in the class, and the class time. TLI provides high-quality teachers and a great learning environment. Classes can begin as soon as you finish your registration.

Personalized Teaching Materials

Through the hard work of many teachers and professionals, our Teaching Materials Research Center has constantly been updated with new teaching materials over the years. Students can select from TLI’s own teaching materials, or you can look through our collection to find a textbook that you like. After selecting the textbook for you, our teachers will work with you to create a curriculum that you will enjoy.

Destination Teaching

TLI also offers “destination teaching” which allows students to choose their own destination and topics. Being able to visit a site together, the student and teacher can explore a number of cultural and language issues, adding deeper meaning to your learning experience. This is highly recommended for destinations such as museums, churches or temples, and food destinations. One-day and two-day outings are available.

Online Classes

While formal classes offer generic classes, private tutors specialize in tailoring the language learning for the specific needs of students. Whether it is writing, reading, speaking, or listening, tutors can help individuals with their particular needs.

Online Mandarin Tutor

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