A Taste of Taiwan II: Bonus Videos


Henrik Matzen and Jonas Høholt of FIRSTLAPSE released their sequel to the highly popular video, “A Taste of Taiwan.” In fact, their first video gain so much attention that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, EVA Airlines, and other corporations provided sponsorship for the production of the sequel. My Kaohsiung interviewed Henrik while he was shooting the second video. You can watch the exclusive “Behind the Scenes” here.


So why does he do it? Simply, Henrik stated that he’s giving back to Taiwan, sort of like a gift. Taiwan and Kaohisung should be grateful for his promotion of Taiwan on their global platform. They have produced some stunning works around the globe and Taiwan is one of their featured videos.

Full Video

In the sequel, Henrik showcase many places of interest and attractions in Kaohsiung. For Kaohsiung locals, the scenes should be very familiar. In fact, My Kaohsiung has featured most of these places in our “Photo of the Week.” In case you missed them, here is a list of sites and attractions around Kaohsiung:

  • 0:16 – Foguangshan, Original Temple
  • 0:52 – 85 Floor Building (Tuntex Sky Tower)
  • 0:55 – Eda Outlet Mall
  • 1:44 – Talee Shopping Center Building
  • 1:46 – 85 Floor Building at Night

What makes FIRSTLAPSE’s videos unique is that they are shot in 4K. Their videos are ultra high quality and suitable for viewing on large screen TV. In fact, Henrik recommends watching the videos in 4K to experience the full immersion of the video.

The Second Journey of Taiwan

Henrik first came to Taiwan in 2005. From his first time here, he felt like home. Since then he’s been coming back to Taiwan as it’s like his second home. To share his love an passion for Taiwan, Henrik was determined to bring his partner, Jonas. He was instrumental in the creation of the first video. While Henrik shot the raw footage, Jonas spent endless hours in post production–without even visiting Taiwan. Since Jonas’ experience was through his own video, it was only right that Jonas came to Taiwan to see first-hand the video he was digitally mixing and mastering.

While Henrik was able to sign sponsors for the sequel, both he and Jonas still provided much of the financing and time to produce the video. For Taiwan, their contribution is truly a gift since they donated their uniquely talented skills to produce a video of world class caliber.

80% was financially funded by Henrik for the love of Taiwan, Jonas funded and dedicated so much of his time to edit, produce VLOG’s and partner videos – and on the actual film itself, including shooting the final scenes using the special “hyperlapse” technique which only Jonas can master – he is one of the best in the world performing this technique, hands down.


We hope that by having Taiwan Tourism and EVA Air onboard for this project, it can help to show the beauty of Taiwan to the entire world. We hope they will understand the true value of this film, and how much heart-blood, time, money, sweat and tears we spend into making it! 🙏


Prequel: A Taste of Taiwan

Henrik shot the first video after visiting and falling in love with Taiwan.

Prelaunch & Premiere

Henrik and Jonas held a joint prelaunch video chat. The model in the “A Taste of Taiwan II,” Elvy Tang is also featured in the interview to give her perspectives on the video.

Magic Moments

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