Most Bang for Buck All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Restaurant


A new seafood restaurant opened in Linyuan District that features quality seafood, relaxed atmosphere, and a nearby park for kids to play. While most westerners BBQ beef and chicken, Taiwan is famous for the seafood BBQ. You can have an authentic experience at this new restaurant.

For just $499, it is a steal for the quality of seafood offered. In addition, you can bring your own drinks. Some people have even brought coolers full of beer and the owners didn’t mind. They want the customers to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where families can enjoy an outing.

Seafood Galore

For $499, there are many quality seafood on the menu. They include squid, crab, shrimp, fish, chicken, lamb steaks, and the renowned Penghu oysters. In addition to the seafood and meat, there’s a variety of traditional grilling vegetables, like mushroom, baby corn, etc.



If you’re craving for lobster, jumbo Australian oysters or sea urchin from New Zealand, then those will come at an extra cost based on market pricing.


Kaohsiung Foodie Linyuan Seafood Restaurant

They have ice cream to cool off from the heat.

Kaohsiung Foodie Seafood Cuisine Restaurant

How to Get There

The restaurant is next to the Linyuan Ocean Wetland Park. This makes it a perfect getaway for the family. The children will especially like the park where they can run around and play on the slides.

We recommend riding a scooter or car to get there. But, the nearest bus stop is Tiancuo Road Intersection.

Buses that go there are:

  • 9117
  • 9117A
  • R3A
  • R3B
  • R3C
  • R3D
  • R3E

Google Map

Hours of Operation

Everyday 5pm to 1am.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (07) 641-8696

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