Top 5 Pingtung Lantern Festival Videos!

My Kaohsiung has reviewed hundreds of videos from the 2019 Pingtung Lantern Festival. We offer the top 5 videos that represent the essence of the festival. The event culminated in almost 200K visitors on the final day. It was a great success for promoting Taiwan and was a special treat for the local residents to have Taiwan’s biggest lantern festival hosted in the South.

#5 From 威霖TV

威霖TV offers a personal view of the events. It captures the experiences of most spectators and the exhibits will be easily recognizable.

#4 From 黃榮群

This is the finale of the 2019 Pingtung Lantern Festival.

#3 From 阿佑電視台

This is the full video of iLotopie, the world-renown performing arts troupe specializing in walking and driving on water.

#2 From 陳文森

How can you not like Enya’s “Only Time?” 陳文森 captures the Lantern Festival as if you were there.

#1 from 潘孟安

The Lantern Festival from a new perspective. We get to see the festival from a bird’s eye view.

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