Bargains At Charity Thrift Store

Taiwan His Hands Christian Home is dedicated to helping abused and abandoned children. They run a charity thrift store that benefits these babies by offering incredible bargains on donated items.

The charity store takes donations from individuals and companies and sells the items at unbelievable prices. They sell many new and like new items, even brand name items that have been donated. So, instead of going to the upscale department store next time, why not take a look at the charity store. They have gifts to fit any occasion. Not only will you find special and unique gifts, you would be helping a baby in need.

The sadness in this world is endless. A mother’s warmth is priceless. Sometimes circumstances leads to misunderstanding and loneliness.

The Taiwan His Hands Christian Home orphanage was established in 2007 and is dedicated to the placement of infants and young children from 0 – 2 years old from crisis. The babies are rescued from troubled environments, to include family misfortune, abandonment, abuse, negligence, parental imprisonment, etc. These babies can easily suffer permanent physical and mental development issues. The orphanage believe that a “home” is the most suitable environment for their recovery and growth. Therefore, the orphanage is committed to providing a “family-style” care center, helping babies to rebuild a sense of security and health, and growing up in an environment of hope and grace.

There are significant expenses to raising up to 14 babies. His Hands Orphanage Charity Store provides critical financial support to the orphanage where 90% of all profits from the store goes toward the care of the babies. The remaining 10% is used for operating expenses.

The cover music for the video is 我想有個家 by 潘美辰. The title translates to “I want to have a home” and goes on to say “who doesn’t need a home.” This song is an endearment of the babies of 希恩之家 / Taiwan His Hands Christian Home who need a home. Luckily for them, they have found one surrounded by so many caring people.

You can sing along in the following video. This is a classic song in Taiwan, one that brings tears to many people who have experienced hardship while growing up and the only thing that gave them hope was having a “Home.” Many people can relate to this as they have left their homes…left their mothers and fathers…left their sons and daughters and their spouses. We all want a home…need a home.

Online Store Auction

In addition to selling items in their store, they have a very active online auction. When they get donations, they will post the items online for auction. The items range from small items to brand name merchandise, many that are new and unopened or “like new.” You can follow their Facebook page (His Hands Orphanage Charity Store) to see all the current items for bid. They will post the minimum bids and the cutoff date. If a person wins the bid, they will have to pick it up at the store. Some items that are over a certain amount can be shipped to the auction winner.

Louis Vuitton Bag. Starting Bid: 200NTD

Eyes Massager. Starting Bid: 20NTD

Back Massager. Starting Bid: 20NTD

Here are sample items for sale. The minimum bid for many items are extremely low. For example, the minimum bid for the Louis Vuitton bag started at 200NTD.


Operating Hours

The store is open 7 days a week.

Saturday11am – 7pm
Sunday10am – 6pm
Monday11am – 7pm
Tuesday11am – 7pm
Wednesday11am – 7pm
Thursday11am – 7pm
Friday11am – 7pm

Store Pictures

Taiwan His Hands Christian Home Charity Store


Donations in any amount are appreciated. The following information is for transferring funds from postal or bank accounts.

Account Number:Financial Corporation Kaohsiung Private Taiwan His Hands 高雄市私立希恩之家

Postal Transfer:42318955

Bank Transfer:Bank of Taiwan (004) Nantze Branch (0912)

Account Number:091001031274
Tax ID Number:41343368
Accredited Number:# 10135579000

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