The Complete 2020 Marathon Schedule

The list is a compilation of all races in Southern Taiwan.

The website, Taipei Marathon, lists all marathon races in Taiwan. My Kaohsiung has filtered and reformatted the list to show those races in Southern Taiwan schedule for this year. For the full list in Chinese, please click here.

2020 3rd Fenqihu 100K & 50K Marathon02/09 Sun 04:00Chiayi City StadiumClosed
2020 11th Kaohsiung Marathon02/09 Sun 05:50Kaohsiung National Stadium, Zuoying Dist. KaohsiungClosed
2020 SUPERACE – Taiwan02/14 Fri 06:30Lili Elementary School, Chunri Township, PingtungClosed
2020 Cishan Dist. Self Service Half Marathon02/16 Sun 06:00Cishan Sugar Factory, Cishan Dist. KaohsiungClosed
2020 Pingtung Gaoshu Int’l Marathon02/16 Sun 06:30Gaoshu Junior High School, Gaoshu Township, PingtungClosed
2020 Mujiashan Grassland Marathon02/23 Sun 06:00Xinhua Dist. TainanClosed
2020 ZEPRO RUN – Chiayi 4th02/23 Sun 06:30Chiayi City Stadium, ChiayiClosed
2020 Love Shanshang Marathon02/28 Fri 06:00Shanshang Dist. TainanClosed
2020 1st Taiwan Orchid Cup Half Marathon02/28 Fri 06:30Taiwan Orchid Plantation, Houbi Dist, TainanClosed
Hakka Power. 2020 Liouduai Hakka Ultra Marathon02/29 Sat 05:00Liouduai Hakka Culture Area. Neipu Township. PingtungClosed
2020 Tainan Ancient Capital Int’l Hlf Marathon03/01 Sun 05:45Tainan City GovernmentClosed
2020 Tainan Half Marathon03/01 Sun 05:45Tainan City Gov.Closed
2020 Love River Int’l Triathlete03/01 Sun 06:30Love River, Kaohsiung 
Kapok Tree Half Marathon03/08 Sun 06:30Baihe Dist. Sport Park, Tainan13-Feb
AllRing-Tech Cup, Run for Love & Charity03/08 Sun 06:30AllRing-Tech Co. Luzhu Dist. KaohsiungClosed
Tainan Asian Cup Triathlon03/08 Sun 07:00Anping Dist. Tainan3-Feb
2020 Nan-kun-shen Marathon03/15 Sun 06:00Nan-kun-shen Daitien Temple. Tainan15-Feb
11th, Fongshan 3 Academy Campuses Marathon03/15 Sun 06:00Military Academy, Fongshan Dist. KaohsiungClosed
Madou Dist. Half Marathon03/15 Sun 06:30Shoufu University, Madou Dist. Tainan2-Feb
Golden Shower Tree- Pataran National Marathon03/22 Sun 05:50Tainan5-Feb
2020 ZEPRO RUN – Pingtung03/22 Sun 06:00PingtungClosed
2020 5th TCH Charity Half Marathon03/22 Sun 06:30KaohsiungClosed
2020 XTERRA03/28 SatKenting, Hengchuen Township, Pingtung 
2020 3rd Tobias Charity Run03/28 Sat 06:00Love Square, Anping Dist. Tainan2-Feb
2020 XTERRA03/29 SunKenting, Hengchuen Township, Pingtung 
2020 Taya Cup Marathon03/29 Sun 06:00Taya Group, Guanmiao Dist. Tainan31-Jan
2020 PUMA Night Run04/11 Sat 17:00Dream mall, Cianjhen Dist. KaohsiungClosed
2020 Tainan Ultimate Marathon 12H, 6H, 3H, 1H04/11 Sat 18:00Eternal Golden Castle, Anping Dist. Tainan28-Feb
2020 Falling in love with Alishan Mt. Marathon04/12 Sun 06:00Alishan National Scenic Area Admin. Fanlu Village. Chiayi31-Jan
2020 6hrs Charity Run04/12 Sun 06:00Riverside Park, Pingtung 
2020 Gaoping River Relay Marathon04/12 Sun 06:00Gaoping River, Pingtung1-Jan
Romantic Church – Half Marathon04/18 Sat 06:30Crystal church, Beimen Dist. Tainan8-Mar
2020 Alishan Mt. Marathon04/19 Sun 05:30Alishan National Forest Recreation Area. Chiayi28-Feb
2020 RUN FOR FUTURE04/19 Sun 06:00Kaohsiung National Stadium, Zuoying Dist. Kaohsiung15-Feb
2020 Taikang Green Tunnel Relay Marathon04/19 Sun 06:30Taikang Organic Farm, Liuying Dist. Tainan5-Mar
2020 Pioneer Live Music Marathon04/25 Sat 16:00Sunset Platform. Anping Dist. Tainan28-Feb
2020 S. Taiwan Science Park Sundown Marathon05/02 Sat 16:00Siraya Plaza, Sinshih Dist. Tainan 
2020 POWER IN RUN – Neipu Spring Run05/03 Sun 06:00Liouduai Hakka Culture Area. Neipu Township. Pingtung26-Feb
2020 Tsengwen /Nanhua Reservoir Self Service Ultra Marathon05/09 Sat 04:30Jiasian Bridge Fude Temple. Jiasian Dist. KaohsiungClosed
2020 Meishan Trail Rnn – MeiShan 36 Turns05/16 Sat 06:00Meibei Elementary School, Meishan Township. Chiayi28-Feb
2020 Meishan Trail Run05/17 Sun 06:00Taiping Old Street. Meishan Township. Chiayi28-Feb
2020 DADA CITY RUN – Kaohsiung05/17 Sun 06:00Dream mall, Cianjhen Dist. Kaohsiung20-Feb
2020 POWER IN RUN Abler Flower Season Run05/24 Sun 06:15NCTU, Gueiren Dist. Tainan13-Mar
2020 Shizi Township Half Marathon06/06 Sat 06:00Shizi Township, Pingtung 
2020 Laku Laku Self Service Ultra Marathon06/13 Sat 05:00Maulin Certer, Maulin Dist. Kaohsiung5-Feb
2020 Power in Run06/13 Sat 16:30228 Memorial Park, Chiayi29-Feb
2020 Yujing MiWanGo -Mango Run06/28 SunMiWanGo Farm. Yujing Dist. Tainan 
2020 Chiayi Int’l Beer Half Marathon06/28 Sun 05:30Kang Ping Sport Park, ChiayiClosed
2020 ZEPRO RUN -Chiayi07/11 SatChiayi City Stadium 
Tainan Starlight Marathon07/18 Sat 16:00Love Square, Anping Dist. Tainan 
2020 Matchmaking God Marathon08/22 Sat 16:00Luermen Tienhogong Temple. Tainan 
2020 POWER IN RUN – Chiayi Starlight Half Marathon08/23 SunChiayi 
2020 Chong-Liao Mt. Self Service Ultra Marathon09/19 Sat 04:30Kinshan Temple. Yanchao Dist. Kaohsiung29-May
2020 Tainan Great Wall Half Marathon09/20 SunTaiwan Great Wall, Baihe Dist. Tainan 
2020 POWER IN RUN- Kaohsiung09/20 SunKaohsiung 
2020 Liouying Milk Festival Half Marathon09/20 Sun 05:40Liouying Dist. Tainan1-Aug
5th, Chiayi Autumn National Marathon09/27 SunChiayi City Stadium15-Jul
2020 ZEPRO RUN- Tainan10/10 SatLove Square. Anping Dist. Tainan 
2020 Taiwan Genki Marathon10/11 SunSouthern Taiwan Science Park. Sinshih Dist. Tainan 
2020 ZEPRO RUN – Pingtung10/18 SunKenting, Hengchuen Township, Pingtung 
8th, Tainan Autumn Marathon10/18 SunTainan 
2020 Ji-Gong Loves Run – Charity Half Marathon10/25 SunChiayi City Baseball Field 
2020 WEFIGHT Kenting Int’l Triathlon10/31 SatKenting Xiaowan. Hengchun Township. Pingtung25-Sep
2020 Jade Radish Super Marathon11/15 Sun 05:30Shishang Community Center. Meinong Dist, Kaohsiung31-Jul
EMINENT Half Marathon11/15 Sun 06:30Eminent Co. Guiren Dist. Tainan 
2020 Ever Smile Charity Marathon12/06 SunShanshang Dist. Tainan 
2020 ZEPRO RUN -Kaohsiung12/06 SunDream mall, Cianjhen Dist. Kaohsiung 
2020 Pingtung Self Service Ultra Marathon12/19 Sat 04:30Fuan Temple. Checheng Township. Pingtung29-Aug
Source: Taipei Marathon

* The races are subject to change without notice. For the most up to date information, please visit the race sponsors page.

* Cover Photo: Kaohsiung Marathon Fan Page

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