Complete E-DA Shuttle Bus Routes

E-DA operates shuttle buses that not only serves E-DA World and Mall, but they also serve the E-DA Hospital. Their extensive routes go to many landmarks around Kaohsiung, which makes catching a shuttle to the E-DA Mall or the E-DA Hospital very convenient.

My Kaohsiung created the list and the custom maps to help you ride the E-DA Shuttle Bus. The first table list all the routes and their origins and destinations. The second table lists popular landmarks to catch the E-DA shuttle buses.

For more information on the shuttle routes and other transportation options in Kaohsiung, please visit the Transportation page.

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Shuttle Bus Routes

Bus No.Destinations
8501 HSR Zuoying Station
E-DA Mall
Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum
8502 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
E-DA Mall
8503 Kaohsiung City Hall
E-DA Mall
8504 Fongyang Community
E-DA Mall
8505 Cianjhen Senior High School
E-DA Mall
8506Gangshan Transfer Station
E-DA Mall
96(A)E-DA Hospital
E-DA Mall
96(B)Renlin Road Intersection
E-DA Hospital
E03(A)HSR Zuoying Station
E-DA Mall
E03(B)HSR Zuoying Station
E-DA Mall
E04(A)HSR Zuoying Station
NKNU, Yanchao Campus
E04(B)HSR Zuoying Station
Shu-Te University Campus
E-DA Hospital
261E-DA Hospital
Cishan Bus Transfer Station
Source: E-DA Shuttle Bus

Kaohsiung Landmarks

PlaceBus No.
HSR Zuoying Station8501, E03(A), E03(B), E04(A), E04(B)
E-DA Hospital96(A), 96(B), E03(A), E03(B), E04(B), 261
Fo Guang Shan8501
MRT Kaohsiung Arena8502, E03(B)
MRT Aozihdi8502
MRT Fongshan Junior High School8504
MRT Dadong8504
MRT Weiwuying8505
MRT Martial Arts Stadium8505
MRT Gangshan South8506
MRT Ciaotou Train Station8506
MRT Ciaotou Sugar Refinery8506
MRT Cingpu8506
TRA Science And Technology Museum8503
TRA Fengshan8504
TRA Gangshan8506
Costco (Dashun 1st Road)8502
Dollars Store (Minzu Store)8502
Lees Hotel8503
Kaohsiung Cultural Center8503

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