Crazy Jump Trampoline Park

The Taroko Park in Kaohsiung offers a lot of fun activities for the whole family and adults. But, one fun attraction that is often overlooked is the trampoline park, Crazy Jump.

Crazy Jump (肖跳crazy Jump-草衙廠) is very popular among the local youths for its unique fun, but also to many companies for a great team building activity. Additionally, it is a great way to have fun with friends through trampoline basketball or trampoline dodge ball. Either way, it’s an exciting way to bond with friends and take out your frustrations through tagging a friend in dodge ball.



Monday – Friday
299 NTD/Hr (499 Plus Parent)
399 NTD/2 Hrs (599 Plus Parent)
499 NTD/All Day (699 Plus Parent)

399 NTD/Hr (599 Plus Parent)
499 NTD/2 Hrs (699 Plus Parent)
599 NTD/All Day (799 Plus Parent)

Free Entry!!!

Source: Crazy Jump


  1. All participation should fill out the disclaimer form before entering Crazy Jump.
  2. Anyone that is under 20 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian to sign before participating in Crazy Jump.Before entering the open court you should,
  3. A Crazy Jump wristband should be wear at all time.
  4. Before entering the open court you should,
    • Take off all sharp pointy and loose items such as coins, keys, watch, cell phone, necklace and bracelet and belt buckles, etc.
    • Not have anything food, gum or candy in your mouth.
    • Take off shoes and most wear Crazy Jump anti-slip socks.
  5. When in the open jump zone you should,
    • No sitting anywhere on the open court or pads. Sitting only allowed on designated platforms.
    • No climbing on walls and No touching or leaning on nets.
    • No touching top pads.
    • All flips must only be done on a single trampoline.
    • No double bouncing or double flips.
    • Flips and tricks can be dangerous, perform at our own risk.
    • You must be in control of your body at all times.
    • Do not attempt anything outside of your personal limitations or abilities.
    • For your safety, no running rough housing, wresting, racing, tackling, shoving, playing tag, etc is permitted.
    • Participants are not permitted to engage in hazardous play of any kind.
  6. For safety reasons Crazy Jump will separate sizes of jumpers to different courts when necessary.
  7. Enjoy the facility with safe and responsible manner, in order to prevent any personal injury and loss.
  8. For medical assistance, please immediately notify the courts staff
  9. Crazy Jump is a non-smoking facility.
  10. Crazy Jump is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property brought into or stored on the premises.
  11. Crazy Jump reserves the right to request anyone who violates the rules to leave the facility immediately without refund.
  12. Crazy Jump reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone
  13. When wristband is lost a 2 hour playing time ($600) plus the wristband replacement fee ($200) will be charge.
  14. Follow all facility rules and please keep in mind that this is a listing of some of our general rules. It is not an all-inclusive list, and rules are subject to change.
  15. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a fun, wellness, and safe experience.
  16. If you have any comments, please feel free to notify our supervisor.

This declaration must be filled and signed by the participant that are 20 years of age or by the parent or the legal guardian of the participant; and have read and understand the contents of the above terms, in addition, I have participants explained that agree to fully and comply with, to give up legal rights and instead of correct and use at their own risk. Signing this declaration will sustain repeatedly in future use of other various Crazy Jumps facilities.


Address: 806, Kaohsiung City, Qianzhen District, 中安路1-1號(大魯閣草衙道大道西2F)

地址: 高雄市前鎮區中安路1-1號 (大魯閣草衙道大道西2F)

Hours of Operation


Source: 肖跳crazy Jump-草衙廠

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