Getting around Kaohsiung + Nearby Cities on Local Transports

Happy summer everyone! Enjoy the sunshine and read our list on all forms of transport in Kaohsiung including public bikes. If you wish to make a day trip to nearby cities, don’t worry, you’ll find ways to do that in this article, too.

1. Kaohsiung MRT

Kaohsiung MRT Card
If you’re visiting Kaohsiung, there are 24-hr/ 48-hr/ single day/ two-day passes to choose from. 24-hr or single day passes is NT$ 150/person, 48-hour or two-day passes is NT$ 250/person.
If you plan to stay longer or you live in Kaohsiung then you can consider getting commuter pass or student pass, which gives you 30-day of unlimited number of travels from the designated two stations. Price is calculated according to the set distance, click here for ticketing information.
Travelers using smartphone app to pay may get extra discounts on travel fare, click here to purchase 24-hr/ 48-hr QR code pass.
Travelers may now use credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay) on all mrt lines as well.

Kaohsiung MRT Children Card (兒童卡)
If you have kids from ages 6-12, you can apply children card online. Children card holders get 50% off of mrt travel fare and discounts on other public transportations.

Click here for travel information for all Kaohsiung MRT lines
Click here for travel regulations

2. Kaohsiung LRT

The first phrase of Kaohsiung LRT connects Siziwan to Lizihnei. It’s a nice alternative way to see the city on a slower pace (nicer view too!). Kaohsiung LRT drives by many popular touristic spots including Siziwan, Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung Music Center, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and Dream Mall. Passengers can purchase tickets at the stations or pay with mrt cards. Click here for ticketing information.

3. Kaohsiung UBike 2.0

YouBike 2.0 is starting in Kaohsiung on July 1. It will take over the city’s c-bikes and add additional services and stations in the future. Ride FREE for the first 30 minutes during the trial period, ends September 30. After the trial period, it will cost NT$5 for the first 30 minutes.
Don’t forget to register on webpage or app first!

Link to YouBike2.0 News & Stations
Look for “Youbike 微笑單車2.0” on iOS or Android

4. Kaohsiung Buses

Taking buses is another way to get around in the city. Kaohsiung bus accepts both cash and contactless cards (iPass, Easycard or Happycash). Single journey costs NT$ 12 in cash, iPass (一卡通), Easycard (悠遊卡) or Happycash. When you take multiple transportations within an hour using contactless card, you get discounted fares (discounts varies). If you’re paying in cash, please note that do place the exact fare into the farebox as no change will be given.

Click here for all the bus routes & timetables (webpage).
Look for “高雄 iBus” on iOS or Android.

Sightseeing Bus

With our top 3 sightseeing routes you can see all the major sights in a day, from just NT$ 70!
Zuoying – Fo Guang Shan Route (E02): THSR Zuoying Station – Desheng Lane – Lingkou – Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum – Fo Guang Shan.

New Bay Route: Love Boat Guobin Port Station (Kaohsiung Rose Basilica/ Kaohsiung Music Center) – Pier-2 Station (Pier-2 Art Center/ Mechanical Art in Component Street) – Siziwan Station (Syongjhen North Gate/ The British Consulate) – Gushan Ferry Pier Station (Sinbin Pier/ Shaochuantou Park).

Siziwan Route: Love Boat Guobin Port Station (Kaohsiung Rose Basilica/ Kaohsiung Music Center) – LRT Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Station (85 Sky Tower/ Kaohsiung Main Public Library) – MRT Central Park Station (Talee’s/ Shinkuchan Commercial District) – Liouhe Tourist Night Market (Liouhe night market/ The Dome of Light).

Click here for New Bay Route and Siziwan Route fare & timetable
Click here for Zuoying – Fo Guang Shan Route fare & timetable

5. Tainan Express (小港台南快線)

**This service is terminated temporarily due to covid-19 **
Exciting news for travelers! There is a new option to travel from Kaohsiung International Airport to Tainan. The Tainan Express takes you straight from the airport to Tainan city in around 70 minutes. Stopping by Kaohsiung International Airport, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan Train Station and Siaosimen, the express bus takes you to the most popular locations in Tainan City.

Tainan Express (111)
Timetable: 03:30 (Tainan) – 23:30 (Kaohsiung International Airport)
One-way ticket: NT$ 150
Online booking: Klook

6. Kenting Express (墾丁快線)

Kenting Express (9189) takes you from Zuoying to Kenting in about 140 minutes! As the most popular beach area in southern Taiwan, Kenting is the perfect destination for weekend getaway. The express bus stops by 7 stations including Dapeng Bay, Fangliao, Checheng, Nanbao Li (National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium Transfer Station), Hengchun, South Bay and Kenting (Kenting main street). Bicycle and pets are allowed on this express bus, please click here for further information.

Kenting Express (9189)
Click here for timetable
Round trip ticket: NT$ 600/ One-way ticket: NT$ 401
Ticket booth: Zuoying HSR station exit 2

7. THSR (台灣高鐵)

THSR is the fastest and most convenient way of the trans-island travel linking north to south of Taiwan. Running at max 300km/hr, travelers can easily travel between major cities in less than 2-hour!

Click here for THSR ticketing & travel recommendation
Scan the QR code below for THSR mobile app:

Watch FIRSTLAPSE‘s stunning time-lapse videos of Taiwan. Most of the attractions in their videos are easy to arrive by THSR trains + cab drives.

Plus, another beautiful work of Taiwan by Tolt.

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