Catch the Zombie Ferry to the Quarantine Zone

Catch the Zombie Ferry as the horde makes its way to the Zombie meeting place at the Cijin Sunset Beach, not for free brains…but for free beer.


If you’re looking for things to do in Kaohsiung for Halloween, look no further than the Zombie ferry ride. Kaohsiung City Government is sponsoring a Halloween themed event at the Cijing Sunset Bar. To get there, join the boat full of zombies that will be transported to the designated area to quarantine the infected zombies. A surprise awaits….

Event Information

✅ 日期 Date: 10.26.2019 (六)
✅ 時間 Time: 17:00pm – 17:30PM
✅ 集合地址 Meetup Place: 棧貳庫KW2
✅ 費用 Cost: Zombies just need to pay for their own ferry ride (20NT with a mass transit card or 30NT cash)

🚩 To get the voucher for free beer, you must sign up the day before the event. Click here to sign up.

Kaohsiung Halloween Party Event

Citizen Alert!

The Kaohsiung Center for Communicable Diseases predicts an outbreak of Virus Z on or about October 26th. Please stay clear of the KW2 Repurposed Warehouse, since any residents unfortunate enough to contract the virus will be herded onto ferry boats at the KW2 Pier and shipped to Cijin Island, where they will remain in quarantine at Cijin Sunset Bar until a cure can hopefully be found.
高雄市傳染疾病控制中心預計在10月26日將會有 Z 病毒爆發。請避免接近棧貳庫,因為所有不幸受病毒感染的市民將會由高雄市棧貳庫碼頭的渡輪運送至旗津沙灘的亡靈節活動進行隔離,直到找出解藥為止。

Quarantined Zombies will be entertained by a stage set up at Cijin Sunset Bar in the hopes that the soothing sounds of DJs Chamber and Kev will put them into a trance-like state and reduce their urges to consume human brains.
被隔離的喪屍將會集中在旗津沙灘。而勇敢的 DJ Chamber 與 Gigolo Kev 會在舞台上播放舞曲來娛樂喪屍,此方式可以將喪屍催眠進入一個無神狀態,避免喪屍產生食慾進而攻擊人類。

**Bonus: Free Beer or Soda for Zombies** 加碼: 喪屍可以拿到免費的啤酒
Sponsors will be giving away Free Beer or Soda to any and all bloodthirsty zombies in the hopes that the zombie curse will not spread as quickly, since zombies will undoubtedly move slower after several delicious beers…

Zombies are encouraged to do their own makeup. But of course, there will be white and black body paint and some Tattoo Artist friends that can show less artistically inclined Zombies how to look awesome in just a few minutes. Also, Zombies generally make grungy fashion choices.

Kaohsiung Halloween Party Event
Source: Danny Chu Photography

Don’t be that one Zombie that shows up in brand new, un-torn clothing. So embarrassing. Scissors will be on site so Zombies can make their old clothes look extra Zombie-ish.

Free Refreshments: Beer and Soft Drinks

Zombies should make sure to get coupons for free beer or a soft drink at the Zombie Meeting Point. Our sponsor is providing at least 20 cases of free beer, so that means there will be about one free beer or soda per Zombie. Coupons can be traded at the KW2 quarantine area. Zombies that do not complete the free sign up form before the day of the event will not receive any free beer.

Last Year’s Zombie Event

Zombie Warning!

The Ferry company does not discriminate, but Zombies must follow all the rules as normal unaffected passengers. You may eat or drink on the boat. But there will be no eating of normal passengers brains or generally bothering normal passengers, and no unsafe or excessively rowdy Zombie behavior.

Remember to sign up here.

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