Restored Japanese Military Homes Open to Public in Festive Event

Experience the festive open house event of Zuoying’s old military village mixed with art, music and food!


While Zuoying is mostly known for the Lotus Pond, it is home to one of Taiwan’s largest naval bases. In fact, it has a long military community history, tracing back to the Japanese occupation era. Recently, some of the homes that the Japanese built have been restored and the open house offers a glimpse of the past.


✅ Dates: Oct 19 (Sat) – Oct 20 (Sun)
✅ Times: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Kaohsiung Guesthouse A Touch of Zen

Open House

A large number of military village community houses, many of which are stored Japanese homes, will be open to the public. As part of the festivities, art, music, and food will accompany the event. People can also experience the life of the village. On Saturday and Sunday, there is also going to be a small handicrafts market along Wei 11 Road, marked in blue on the map, from 10am – 6pm. Also, A Touch of Zen guesthouse and Bark! eatery will provide hot dogs, beer, cocktails, and even handmade desserts and ice cream during the event, from 12 noon – 10:00 pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Kaohsiung Bark Hot Dogs

🚩 The Village
1. Time: October 19th, 108 (Sat) ~ October 20th (Sat) 10:00-18:00 am
2. Location: 11rd road, left construction, new village.
3. Content: Hands-on events to experience the life of the village.

🚩 The Children of the Village
1. Time: October 19, 108 (Sat)
2. Location: left camp naval playground
3. Process:
11:00-11:30 opening
11:30-12:00 team performance
13:00-15:00 music show and event fair
4. Content: Children perform to a wonderful band in a music performance event.

🚩 Village Celebrity Forum
1. Time: October 19th, 108 (Sat) 15:30-17:30 PM
2. Location: Khalid National High School Center, Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung City
3. Content: The Vice Mayor of Kaohsiung City, actor Yu Small, and the Chinese Aviation section will be present.

About A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen offers travelers a rare opportunity to spend a night in a home built during the Japanese colonial era and restored to reflect design and decor of that period.

An opportunity came along through Kaohsiung City’s Cultural Affairs Bureau to renovate an old house in a military village that was once the home of a Japanese navy officer, and turn it into an old movie-themed guest house.

The house was originally built more than 90 years ago for a high-ranking Japanese Navy officer. It has had a couple of additions built on since, most recently probably in the 1950s, when it would have been the home of an ROC Navy officer. The approach to the renovation was a blend of influences from traditional Japan, early 20th century Taiwan and Southern China, and and mid-20th century Taiwan. The decor includes images drawn from the Taiwan film scene from the Japanese era through the 1980s. Facilities include a traditional tatami room, a small dorm room for backpackers, a room furnished as it might have been in the 1960s, and a sake-oriented cocktail lounge. The guesthouse is now open for business, with ongoing improvements. (Source: A Touch of Zen)

來這的第一眼會被它綠色外牆配上彩色玻璃的外觀所吸引,讓人不禁想踮起腳尖一探究竟。 民宿男主人是住在台灣20多年的美國人,職業是電影導演及攝影師,因此這是間以電影為主題的民宿,裡面有絶版的電影相關的老物珍藏。日式建築的客廳是個小型電影院,不定期也會有藝文及音樂會活動。並有附設老式吧台,歡迎你來喝一杯,吃些簡單的餐點。 如你跟女主人一樣從小就在眷村長大,歡迎帶著回家的心情。在這不止感受眷村氛圍,更適合靜下心來,看看書寫寫作,一起聊聊老電影。 喜歡結交旅遊同好的你,這裡有特製的背包客上下舖及交誼空間。 本棟位於緯十二路最外圍三角窗,停車方便,高鐵公車站就停在門口,及提供腳踏車租借。 提供包棟、場地租借、活動洽談

About Bark!熱狗叫

“Hot dogs for adults.” Bark! is committed to providing delicious, healthy, gourmet American food with a few distinctive touches you won’t find elsewhere.

They serve a variety of coffees including house-made ice-drip, filter and espresso-based options. Plus homemade apple pie, brownies, homemade ice cream, and a selection of biscotti and cookies. But the star attraction are gourmet hot dogs – featuring 6 types of sausages, 2 types of house-baked buns, and a full range of toppings and condiments. Other menu options include chili, regular and sweet potato fries, both made from scratch, and a variety of of wines, beers, and cocktails. They claim to make some of the best cocktails in Kaohsiung at the lowest prices.

They are located behind Kaohsiung American School, near the Lotus Pond and Zuoying Train Station, in an old Taiwanese military village home opening onto to a large park and the reconstructed old city wall.

They serve vegan and vegetarian hot dogs and vegan chili, both of which are made with designated pots and utensils not used in meat dishes.

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