Longest-ever Double Ten Fireworks in Pingtung

Don’t miss the longest ever independence day, “Double Ten Day,” fireworks in Pingtung.


Pingtung is going to set a new record for the longest fireworks display for the Double Ten Day, at 42 minutes! The event will be held on October 10th, Taiwan’s Independence Day. The fireworks will start between 7:40pm to 8:00pm.

The site of this year’s fireworks is the Pingtung Riverside Park, on the Pingtung side of the Gaoping River. The river marks the boundary between Kaohsiung and Pingtung, so people on the Kaohsiung side will have a clear view as well.

Pingtung National Fireworks Double Ten Independence Day
Photographer: Kin Hoo Ho

Shuttle Buses

From October 9 12:00 to October 10 23:00, the parking lot at the Old Railway Bridge Park will be closed. Visitors are suggested to take railway train or MRT and transfer to shuttle buses at railway Jiuqutang Station and MRT Daliao Station. Traffic control is expected near the Riverside Park on the day of the event.

It had been 12 years ago since Pingtung hosted the national fireworks display at Dapeng Bay. This year, the city expects over 100,000 visitors. To accommodate the immense crowd, the city will provide 300 free shuttle buses from different areas in Pingtung.

As a sign of Pingtung’s growing popularity, it hosted the national Lantern Festival earlier this year.

Design Expo

If you plan to go to Pingtung for the Independence Day firework, why not spend a few more hours at the 2019 Taiwan Design Expo? The exhibition takes place in three venues, the Main Venue, the Satellite Venues, and the Design Hotspots.

Source: ELLE Magazine

2019 Taiwan Design Expo
Date: October 5-20
Time: 09:00-21:00 (click here for opening hours of each venue)
Location(s): Pingtung City (click here for locations and transportation of all venues)

My Kaohsiung wishes you a lovely long holiday!

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