Traditional Taiwanese Banquet Dinner Experience

If you haven’t been to a “Bando” Banquet, you haven’t experienced the full range of Taiwanese cuisine.


Do you want to eat traditional Taiwanese Bando?
Do you want to make traditional dessert by yourself?
Do you want to understand more about traditional Taiwanese food?
You should not miss this if you’re looking for things to do over the 4-day Taiwanese Independence Day holiday.

About Bando Banquet

The traditional “Bando” banquet is one of the ways Taiwanese entertain guests. Nowadays, this traditional banquet is the standard fare in weddings, religious ceremonies, housewarmings, and other important celebrations. The banquet is usually at least a 10-course meal, including appetizers and deserts. Drinks include soda and juice, but guests are free to bring their drinks of choice. Additionally, “doggie bags” are provided to take home any unfinished dishes. In this situation, it is customary to ask other table guests if they are interested in taking the dish first.

Bando banquets are usually held outside, on streets or in front of temples, and can range from a handful of tables to hundreds of tables. The food is cooked on premises. While there are variations of dishes, they almost all include an appetizer, seafood dish, fish dish, ham hocks, soup, sticky soup, sticky rice, and desert. They are normally accompanied by traditional opera performances or karaoke singing.

A full time Chinese/English guide will be present to introduce about the Bando dishes.

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Event Information

Time: October 11, 15:00-20:00
Pickup time: 14:15 at Pingtung Train Station/ 15:00 at 7-11 in Fenghua
Assembly place: Pingtung Train Station Lobby
Fee: NT$ 700 (On site charge, inbound transportation and dinner included)(

You can stay one night at backpacker「STAY IN FANHUA」, NT$ 350 per night.
Please fill in the form.)

Registration URL:

Pingtung Train Station


14:00-14:15 Gathering in Pingtung Train Station Lobby
14:15-15:00 On the way to Fan Zi Liao(Feng Hua)
15:00:1510 Gathering at 7-11 in Feng Hua
15:10-16:20 Visiting the old store in Feng Hua
16:20-17:00 Traditional cake and decoration DIY
17:00-18:00 Visiting the cultural survey exhibition
18:00-20:30 Enjoying the Bando!

Invitation From the Local Chef

In order to share the traditional taste of Taiwanese cuisine called “Bando” in the Fan Zi Liao district of Changzhi Township of Pingtung County, the third generation successor of the local Bando chef invites everyone to this ceremonial dinner to reunite with friends and family in front of a temple to celebrate kinship and friendship.

The activities include villagers’ innovative market, traditional culture DIY, and cultural exhibition. All these things depict the strong bonds among friends and company.




想吃台灣傳統辦桌嗎? 想親手製作傳統甜點?想更認識台灣古早味嗎? 您不容錯過。



活動時間:10月11日 15:00-20:30

如需住一晚,每人每晚350,將入住AIRBNB 繁華阿嬤家(STAY IN FANHUA),於報名表填寫



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