Unusual Food Exhibition


Pier-2 Art Center is holding an “Unusual Dishes” exhibition through August 25, 2019.

Cuisines throughout the world is known for their particular presentation, aroma, and local tastes. Unbelievably, the exhibition takes this experience of senses to another level, combining the rich sensory experience with cultural issues of today.

The exhibition is based on food creation, from the most basic sense of five senses, re-recognizing food in the visual, olfactory and auditory experience, and then seeing the creator’s food-mediated interpretation of life memory and terroir culture.

Pier-2 Art Center

Exhibition Information

✅ Dates: June 7 through August 25
✅ Hours: Monday to Thursday 10AM-6PM | Friday to Sunday 10AM-8PM
✅ Location: Dayong C5 Contemporary Hall

Sample Unusual Food

One of the most unique things about this exhibition is that people can sample various foods. What does ocean flavor taste like? Regretfully…it tastes like plastic. The creators use this exhibition to educate the public on conservation through the use of food and flavors. People can try other flavors at the exhibition.

Learn Chinese Through Food

BoPoMoFo is familiar to Everyone in Taiwan. Also known as Zhuyin (Chinese注音), Children first learn this system as the foundation for learning Traditional Chinese characters and pronunciation. The exhibition presents the 37 characters written with food.

Pastry Without Colors

Pastries around the world come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. But what if the pastry was devoid of color? What would it look like. The exhibition presents select pastries without any natural or artificial coloring, resulting in delights that are all white. While the pastries are uniformly the same color, they retain their unique flavors. It truly is a strange sight to see a white cake, bagel, or donut.

100 Rivers Popsicles

The creators made 100 Popsicles from different rivers around Taiwan. The wall of Popsicles feature each river in its unique color and content. Even the water of Kaohsiung’s famous attraction, the Love River, has been made into a Popsicle. Each bar is uniquely different. As a cultural statement on environment impact, some Popsicles contained plastics and other pollutants.

After one’s basic biological needs are satisfied, one will start exploring more diverse experiential value of food beyond its function of fulfilling one’s appetites and palates.

What Chocolate Personality Are You?

A popular idiom is “You are what you eat.” Many believe the particular chocolate you favor represents your personality. The exhibition goes one step further and represents different personalities based on chocolate shapes. Choose which fits your personality…better yet, have your friends choose your personality. If you’re unsure, you can try this “Chocolate Personality” test.

What Food Do You Wear?

The exhibition features nude photos of people wearing only food. The concept is that food represents who we are. The models were asked, “What food represents your clothing?” and photographed with the food used as their garment. You would be surprised by the answers. Check out the exhibition to see more.

Ticket Information

✅ Regular Ticket: $50
✅ Free entry for children under 6 years old, under 115 cm, or handicapped.


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