Good Dim Sum at an Affordable Price

Dim Sum is a style of cuisine that originated from Hong Kong. Traditionally, Dim Sum was a light meal that offered a chance for friends and family to get together. It also offered a delightful lunch meal to accompany the daily routine of catching up with the news. This Hong Kong style Dim Sum restaurant offers these experiences at a price most people can afford.

My Kaohsiung recommends this restaurant for the “Foreigner-Friendly” menu and a good value for the meal.

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Traditional Dim Sum restaurants have waiters pushing around carts of various Dim Sum dishes for patrons to see and choose from. They would stamp the price category of the meal on the bill.

Recently, some restaurants have offered menus instead of the carts. This restaurant offers the menu option. But despite the menu being in all Chinese, it has a menu book that has pictures to accompany the menu sheet. For example, the picture of a dish has a number that corresponds to the number on the order sheet. So, foreigners can easily order dishes with the aid of the pictures showing the actual dish.

The restaurant’s main advantage is the 49 NT dishes. These are limited to Shumai and other light dishes. Special dishes can cost up to 149 NT, which is still reasonable. Hot tea with free refills cost 49 NT and is limited to 2 flavors: Jasmine (fragrant) and Pu-er (earthly). Desserts and drinks are an additional 49 NT each.

Upon entering, you will be seated and handed picture menu, a menu ordering sheet, and a marker. On the sheet are the dishes with a number. These numbers correspond to the number of the picture in the picture menu book. Select the dishes you desire and mark the corresponding numbers. You will then take the sheet to the cashier and pay for the dinner at that time.


An order of hot tea, a main dish and 5 shumai dishes comes out to around 450 NT.

4 Locations

The restaurant has 4 locations in Sanmin District, Zuoying District, Fengshan District and Qianzhen District.

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