Penghu International Fireworks Festival 2019-澎湖花火預備

Don’t miss the 2019 Penghu International Fireworks Festival!

Penghu is the perfect island getaway from Taiwan as it’s only a short flight from local airports. It’s a popular destination for its fresh seafood, unique cacti dessert, and spectacular landscape.



The festival dates are April 28th to June 27th. Interestingly, the dates are scheduled around weekends, on Mondays and Thursdays–making for a festive extended weekend getaway.


Fireworks will be held at the “Penghu Great Bridge.”

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Things To Do

Penghu offers a plethora of things to do for the backpacker or the entire family.

12 Must-Do Activities in Penghu to Include in Your Taiwan Itinerary


Penghu Islands

According to the Penghu government: the islands, only 20 of which are inhabited, have a total land area of approximately 127 square kilometers; the largest are, in descending order, Magong Main Island, Xiyu, Baisha, Qi mei, and Wangan. Their shorelines stretch for a total of 320 kilometers. The islands were formed 8 million to 17 million years ago. Tectonic events and lava eruptions have sculpted Penghu’s unique landscape.

How to Get There

From Kaohsiung

By Ferry: Travel time is 5.5 hours.
Sinbin Pier at the International Cruise Terminal
Near Pier-2 Banana Pier
Jiexing 1st Street, Gushan District

By Airplane: Kaohsiung International Airport
Other airports include: Songshan (Taipei), Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, and Kinmen Island.

Flight Schedule
Daily flights from Kaohsiung to Penghu are serviced by 3 airlines.
Flight time is 40 minutes.
ICAO airport codes: KHH (Kaoshiung) | MZG (Penghu)

Getting Around

While there are many scooter rentals on island, that is not the only option. Bus transportation stops at all major attractions.


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