Kaohsiung Vegetarian/ Vegan Stores: Pastry, Restaurant and More!

Whether you are a vegetarian or vegan, we have picked some of our favorite local stores for your next food shopping.

Pastry Shops

While many Taiwanese pastry shops offer good variety of vegetarian pastries, we’d like to recommend some of our favorites in the city.

1. Wu House Pastry 吳記餅藝

Wu House Pastry (吳記餅藝) is one of the oldest and finest pastry makers in Kaohsiung. In 2019, the chain shops won the Top 10 Kaohsiung Souvenir Award. Wu House Pastry’s vegetarian pastries are lacto (contains dairy) and vegan friendly.

Wu House Pastry 吳記餅藝
Click here for Mingcheng location
Click here for Heping location
Click here for Fengshan location

2. How Yeia 皓月素食烘焙坊

How Yeia (皓月素食烘焙坊) is a vegetarian bakery located in Sanming District. The bakery offers lacto-ovo, lacto, and vegan pastries.

How Yeia 皓月素食烘焙坊
Click here for location

3. KF Wedding 錦福喜餅

KF Wedding (錦福喜餅) is founded by a lovely couple in 1975. As one of the most popular local pastry shops, KF Wedding is loved by many. Their best vegetarian products include mung bean pastry, almond pastry and coconut pastry.
Reminder: KF Wedding’s vegetarian pastries are lacto-ovo, which contains eggs and dairy.

KF Wedding 錦福喜餅
Click here for Zhong-zheng branch
Click here for Xiao-gang shop branch

4. Jiu Zhen Nan Pastry 舊振南

Jiu Zhen Nan Pastry (舊振南) was founded in 1890. In over one century, we have upheld the spirit of “joy and trust” to embody the cultural depth and convey respect and care for consumers through exquisite handmade Chinese pastry. Throughout the entire production process, Jiu Zhen Nan insists on the principle of handmade pastry and offers consumers products that they can “eat with ease” and that are “trustworthy.”

Jiu Zhen Nan Pastry

Click here to read My Kaohsiung’s story about Jiu Zhen Nan Pastry


1. Wu Wo Cha Chan

Wu Wo Cha Chan (無我茶禪) is a hidden vegetarian restaurant in Niaosong District. The restaurant offers dishes made from seasonal ingredients. Both vegetarian and vegan tasting menus are available. As it is located away from central city, locals come here for quiet quality time. If you’d like to have a different dining experience, don’t miss out on this delightful restaurant. Wait, did we mention they have a stunning zen garden?

Wu Wo Cha Chan 無我茶禪
RSVP required, please call 07-7331060, Mondays & Tuesdays off
Vegetarian tasting menu (vegan tasting menu by reservation)
Click here for location

2. Water Drop Teahouse

Water Drop Teahouse (滴水坊) is chain vegetarian restaurants founded by Hsing Yun (星雲大師), also better known as the founder of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order. The teahouse offers more than just tea, they have nice selection in menu for vegetarian.  

Water Drop Teahouse 滴水坊
Click here for Feng-shan location
Click here for Nanpingbie Yuan location

3. ShangHai Vegetarian Restaurant 上海素食餐廳

ShangHai Vegetarian Restaurant (上海素食餐廳) has 3 branches in Kaohsiung, offering vegetarian baffet, bento and hotpot to dine in or take away.

ShangHai Vegetarian Restaurant 上海素食餐廳
Click here for Feng-shan location
Click here for Zi-you location
Click here for Jiu-ru location

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