Live Warehouse: A live performing venue for indie bands

The Live Warehouse is the first and only music warehouse by port in Taiwan. It is a hidden gem in the port city, and a hub for indie people.

By Peiyu

About 25 years ago, being a part of indie music was seen as daydreaming by most people. For those who threw themselves in the scene, there were no funds, no main-stream marketing and nor was there enough audience base. However, with globalization opening up Taiwan’s taste in different music genres, the unstoppable wave of indie music hit Taiwan and created a unique culture, leading the island country into a more diverse way culturally.

Music Festivals

Unlike the northern part of Taiwan, the south was referred to as “the cultural desert”, where no one would even consider going to music events. In 2006, following Taipei’s successful Formoz Fest(野台開唱), Kaohsiung’s own identity as the port city was combined with indie music, hence, “Megaport Festival” stepped into the indie scene in the south and has grown to become the biggest music festival in southern Taiwan.

Along with the Megaport Festival(大港開唱), various music venues and live houses also emerged as part of the actors in the scene. Among them, “Live Warehouse” was established in 2015 following the city government’s cultural policy of building a development base of cross-media creative work. Located right next to the light rail, Live Warehouse doesn’t only provide a stage to the perspective artists, but also a great location for people to access.

Indie Hub

Since the establishment of Live Warehouse, it has developed into a venue where indie artists, well-recognized musicians, and music lovers gather. The venue also co-organized multiple events hosted by the city government, helping future performers getting ready for the stage. It has created a fan base from the local indie music scene and helped to push the scene forward as well as providing that extra glare to the port area. Live Warehouse is truly a hidden gem in the bay city.

Next time when you want to try some other kinds of fun, with cool bands and cool music involved, make sure you check out the events at Live Warehouse!

Live Warehouse
Location: Pier 2 Art Center Dayi warehouse C10
Click here for performance schedule

Photos retreated from Live Warehouse Facebook page

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