Fall Fling on the Beach 2019

旗津最秋沙灘派對. A limited number of free tickets are still available, so register now!


Come out to Cijin Beach for some sun and fun to celebrate the end of summer and witness the revival of the Cijin Beach. Fall Fling on the Beach 2019 will feature some of the best music talent in Taiwan. The 2-day event features sports activities during the day. At night, the sandy beach is turned into a gigantic dance floor. Some of the best DJ’s in Taiwan will play a variety of music against the crashing waves in the background.

Kaohsiung Cijin Beach Fall Fling

Limited Free Tickets…Don’t Wait!

Free tickets are available to the first 1,000 people who register. Register here.

我們誠摯地邀請您參加旗津最秋沙灘派對,我們把世界級的聲光娛樂帶到高雄的旗津沙灘酒吧,而且入場完全免費 (限制1000個人)。

The venue will have two stages. The main stage will be on the beach. The second smaller area will be in the Sunset Bar. The DJ line up follows:

Main Stage (大舞台)

  • Famous (🇨🇦)
  • MoneyDick (🇹🇼)
  • Chamber (🇬🇧)
  • Gaggo (🇵🇾)
  • Haas (🇹🇼)
  • Gigolo Kev (🇹🇼)

Sunset Bar (小舞台)

  • Loud Damn (🇹🇼)
  • Carol (🇧🇷)
  • Smokey Bear (🇲🇼)
  • Kreamer (🇨🇦)
  • Matthew (🇹🇼)

Chijin Revival

Cijin Beach was once known as a dangerous beach destination. Many people have drowned due to the strong currents along the shore. But the city government implemented a major project to modernize the beach and make it safer for beach goers. The concrete barrier that is visible off-shore serves to disrupt the strong currents. The sandy beach has also been filled to enlarge the beach and shaped in a way to aid the disruption of the strong currents. To make it more convenient for people, a parking lot was added, as well as other improvements. These improvements over the years have created a perfect location to host beach events like the summer’s Full Moon Party and the upcoming Fall Fling on the Beach.


The organizers have setup a KW2 Party Ferry 棧貳庫旗津派對渡輪 from Sizihwan to Cijin Beach on September 13 from 3pm to 5pm. 免費報名 Register for Free Here.

Kaohsiung Cijin Ferry Party to the Fall Fling Beach Party

🚫 Don’t drink and drive
🚈 Use public transport to help the environment
🚌 Take the Red 9 City Bus and the Cijin Ferry
🚢 The last Ferry leaves Cijin at 2am


🚫 Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited. Please make good use of Kaohsiung’s public transport system if you are under influence of alcohol 🙂
🚫 People under 18 may enter, but may not purchase alcohol. Please bring valid ID to enter.
🚫 No glass containers, professional cameras, outside food and beverages or any dangerous items, drugs, or anything prohibited by law.

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