5 Dessert shops for sweet tooth

Summer is here, have you been craving for some sweets lately? Here, we pick 5 special dessert shops in Kaohsiung to share with you:

1. Pacini gelati e dolci

(photos by: Pacini gelati e dolci)

Let me paint you a picture: it is over 30 degree in early summer. You walk into an orange door, Italian music is on, and instantly you have this contemporary, modern feel. The mosaic bricks under your sandals reminds you of the last summer holiday in Italy.

Pacini gelati e dolci is owned by two lovely siblings, Paul and Amelia. They bring back the well-known gelato to Taiwan after taking professional gelato classes in Italy. Next time you are in Pier 2, make sure you take a gelato from their shop.
Some of our favorite gelato flavors are hazelnuts, zabaglione and tiramisu.

Pacini gelati e dolci
Business hour(s): Mon-Fri 13:00-19:00 (Tuesdays off); Sat-Sun 12:00-19:00
Location: Pier 2 warehouse C8-16

2. La Maison Berry

(photos by: La Maison Berry)

Most of us have memory of a food that bring us back to childhood.
La Maison Berry is a French dessert shop owned by Berry and his wife. The dessert recipes are passes down from Berry’s grandmother. As a new citizen in Kaohsiung, Berry hopes to share authentic French homemade desserts with the community. Next time you are craving for something special, don’t forget to visit La Maison Berry, maybe you will find your fondest childhood memories here.

La Maison Berry
Business hour(s): 12:00-19:00 (Mon off)
Location: No. 165, Dinghua Road, Sanmin District

3. Mr Sensei Handmade Layer Cake

(photos by: Sensei)

Speaking of Mr Sensei, the first thing comes to our mind are their beautifully constructed layer cakes. Whether it is for a special occasion or a treat after a long day of work, this dessert shop is the go-to place.

Mr. Sensei Handmade Layer Cake
Business hour(s): 12:30-18:30 (Minquan shop); 12:30-19:00 (Yangming shop)
Location: Mr Sensei Minquan; Mr Sensei Yangming

4. 猜心泡芙 (Cream puffs)

(photos by: 猜心泡芙)

猜心泡芙 is a proper local secret. The cream puffs come with many unique flavors, all created by the owner. Some of the popular flavors are dark chocolate, lemon honey, sesame, and soy milk (original).
Some loyal customers said there is nothing better than wandering over to the place on a relaxing afternoon to pick up some tasty cream puffs. The best thing is, it is within walking distance from the Cultural Center!

Business hour(s): 15:00-18:00 daily (off day will be announced on Facebook fan page)
Location: No. 60, Taishun Street, Lingya District

5. 春正商行 コーヒー焙煎

(photos by: 春正商行 コーヒー焙煎)

It is always refreshing to escape city for a bit. Located in a quiet area in the east of Kaohsiung, 春正商行 コーヒー焙煎 is for sure one of the hidden gems to spend an afternoon with friends or family, or simply, by yourself.

From freshly roasted coffee to handmade desserts, the shop has a good variety of choices. Have we mentioned it is our favorite place to read a book?

春正商行 コーヒー焙煎
Business hour(s): Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00; Mondays off
Location: No. 11-1, Lane 72, Benguan Road, Niaosong District

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  1. Pacini is good! they also have a shop at food court of Talee department store.

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