A Gem Found in Renwu: Painted Lane

Kaohsiung City has its Museum of Fine Arts, but the quiet neighborhood of Renwu has the little known, yet peculiar, graffiti-like wall paintings: Renwu Painted Lane (仁武後安彩繪巷). If you have kids, we challenge you to ask them which looks more fun after looking at our pictures. We’re betting on the Renwu Painted Lane.

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Something For Everyone

The attraction is so named after the single lane road where the painted wall is located. It is in the middle of nowhere, yet these simple paintings attract many people…for good reason. For children, it’s a fabulous collection of images from the zoo, aquarium, cartoons, and Jurassic Park. For adults, it’s a trip down memory lane. There are images of the Simpsons, Garfield, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Mario, and who can forget Poppy the Sailor.

QUIZ: Can you name Popeye’s girlfriend? ( See below for the answer)

Taiwanese Cartoons

There are also classic Taiwanese cartoons.

Other Paintings


My Kaohsiung Tips

The attraction is located in an industrial area. Also, be careful when taking pictures as it’s a single lane road.

At the end of the lane, there is one picnic table where the dinosaur paintings are. It’s a wonderful, shaded, place to have a picnic lunch.

Parking is limited and there are a few parking spots across from the dinosaur paintings.

There is not much to see other than the paintings. Although, the famous Renwu Roast Duck isn’t too far from the place. Follow us for a future article about this popular restaurant.


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Answer To Quiz

Popeye’s girlfriend: Olive oyl

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