Kaohsiung’s 25 Sister Cities

Kaohsiung is truly and internationally recognized and respected city. It has 25 Sister Cities in 13 countries. Sister cities have a special relationship that goes beyond politics. They assist and support each through mutual cooperation and exchanges in the cultural, trade and economic areas.


Brisbane’s long-standing Sister City relationship with Kaohsiung, continues to deliver economic and social benefits to both cities. The relationship was formalised on 9 September 1997. Since [then], the Sister City relationship has continued to generate mutually beneficial outcomes. 2017 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Brisbane-Kaohsiung Sister City Relationships and the two cities reaffirmed further development in fields including: trade, investment and business development, urban renewal and Harbour and waterfront development, health and education training, tourism and creative industries,
culture and personnel exchange, social and cultural links.

Brisbane City Council
Kaohsiung Information Sister City
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Belize City is the largest city of the Central American nation Belize. Unofficial estimates place the population of Belize City at 70,800 or more people. It is located at the mouth of the Belize River on the coast of the Caribbean. Belize City is the nation’s principal port and its financial and industrial hub.

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Kaohsiung Information Sister Cities

Costa Rica

Cartago, Costa Rica

Located near the foothills of the Irazu Volcano in the Central Valley of Cartago, the namesake capital city is one of the oldest towns in the country. Cartago was once the capital of Costa Rica, but it was partially destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1732, and San Jose later took over as the cultural and entertainment center of the country in 1832. After the eruption, much of the city was left untouched, and it remains one of the largest cities in the country.

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Hachioji became the fourth Asian sister city.

Area Guide Hachioji

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Discover Malawi

Kaohsiung Information Sister City
Kaohsiung Information Sister City

Panama City Travel

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Cebu City established sister city ties with Kaohsiung in 1990. Since then, the Taiwanese city donated more than 100 buses and cars to Cebu City.

Cebu Daily News

In 2014, Kaohsiung has also donated to the construction of the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC). Read the article here.

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South Africa

Durban Travel

Kaohsiung Information Sister City
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South Korea

Kaohsiung is the second city and the largest port city in Taiwan, which facilitates 2/3 of imports and exports in Taiwan. Kaohsiung port is ranked third in the world in terms of container volume. Iron and steel, ship building and oil are the main industries of Kaohsiung. Busan established the first relationship with Kaohsiung as a sister city on June 30, 1966.

Busan Metropolitan City
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United States


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Kaohsiung Information Sister City

Interesting Fact

Male, Maldives was a Kaohsiung sister city for one day. The after signing the pact, the National Government of Maldives denounced the agreement, bowing to pressure from the People’s Republic of China. Read the Taipei Times article here.

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