The Perfect Spot for a Selfie: Rainbow Church

The Rainbow Church is located on Cijing Island. The beach and the ocean in the background and the waters surrounding the Rainbow Church makes it the perfect setting for selfies, usies, or group photos with friends, family, and pets. It’s also a magnificent setting for wedding portraits.

Unlike most photo spots, there’s no best time to go. Great photos can be taken anytime of the day. If you go during the day, the blue skies will accentuate the bright rainbow colors. If you go during dusk, the warm colors of the sunset sky will give your photos a beautiful rosy hue.


It has a pink cross symbol in the alter, but many will argue it is not really a “church.” Rather, they are impressions of a church. Ultimately, the Rainbow Church is really what you make of it and what is meaningful and personal to you.

Architecturally, the square nave is more identifiable, while the alter is more abstract. Here are some photos of real churches and cathedrals to compare.


Photos from users are featured to showcase the allure of the Rainbow Church. They also provide ideas for photographic angles and poses.

We want to give special thank to the contributors of the Gallery.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church

My Kaohsiung has been granted special permission by the users to publish the photos in the gallery. We want to give special thanks to all contributors.

Photo Credit: yafei

小真真 complements the Rainbow Church with her fantastic sense of fashion. Ever the shades of red, white, and blue perfectly matches the rainbow colors. The rippled reflections adds creativity to her photo.

Kaohsiung Attractions Rainbow Church

Tammy Chen captures the best angles of the Rainbow Church. Her photos are striking for the use of the Rainbow Church’s unique reflections and shadows. She’s also very photogenic.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church
Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church
Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church

Angus Peng shoots a perfect group photo. The Rainbow Church colors are vivid against the bright blue sky.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church

郭育伶 photos is quite unique. She created a peaceful scene with a pinkish overall hue that is juxtaposed by the sharp angles of the structure.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church

Xiioping also beautifully captures pyramidal alter in the background. This photos shows that even great photos can be taken on cloudy or overcast days.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church

Lydia features rich colors against the sunset, adding “pop” to the photo. Notice how the light pink in other photos is transformed into a deep, rich, pink.

Kaohsiung Attractions Rainbow Church

Tripofalifetime features the Rainbow Church against a clear blue sky. Her green-accented shirt blends nicely with the palm trees in the background.

Kaohsiung Attractions Rainbow Church

Christy Wu shows the scale of the Rainbow Church. It looks to be about three times taller than her.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church

Panfoo caught the moment of sunset. The warms colors are definitely felt. The water around the Rainbow Church looks like an “infinity pool” that extends to the ocean.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church

Hui Ying poses with the trendy V sign. Depending on time of day, the arches creates unique shadow patterns as in the photo.

Kaohsiung Attraction Rainbow Church

mminnlee is very creative. She plays with composition and captures a stunning picture.

Kaohsiung Attraction Rainbow Church

Nina seems like she’s on a model shoot with her looking away from the camera. Looks like the photo was shot in the early morning based on the long shadows. This also reveals a greener pool, contrasting with the aquamarine color of the ocean in the background.

Kaohsiung Attraction Rainbow Church

Pet Photos

Their photos rival any of the Rainbow Church photos for their charm.

Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church
Photo Credit: Google Map (Ryan Lin)
Kaohsiung Places Rainbow Church
Photo Credit: Instagram (namakuist)

My Kaohsiung Tip

On the weekends, there will be long lines of people waiting to take pictures. So, if you can, go during the weekday. Also, as you see in the photos, it’s pet-friendly.


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Google Map

Cover Photo Credit: Tales Tan

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