There’s Beef Noodles, Then There’s “Belt” Beef Noodles

One of the renowned cuisines of Taiwan is the Beef Noodle. It is known for its savory soup accentuated with a hint of Chinese medicine, tender beef cubes, and chewy noodles.

One can not live or visit Taiwan without having tried the famous Beef Noodles. But…have you tried the “Leather Belt” Beef Noodle (皮帶麵)? This unique dish blends the savory beef noodle soup with handmade lasagna-like noodles which is locally known as “Leather Belt” noodle. Each noodle is approximately half a meter in length.

Kaohsiung Leather Belt Noodles
Photo: Google (Angie Chen)

The leather belt noodle is not the only thing that makes this dish so delicious. The beef in the soup is a select cut with beef tendon and is slow-cooked so they melt in your mouth.

Kaohsiung Leather Belt Noodles

In addition to the beef soup, other flavors, such as tomato soup and hot and sour soup, are available. If one abstains from eating beef, chicken is also available. The leather belt noodle is not the only option. Soups can be ordered with regular noodles as well as “Cat Ear” noodles. Fried rice is also on the menu to complement the noodles.

The restaurant is foreigner-friendly. While the menu is in Chinese, all the items are pictured on the wall.

Side Dishes

The restaurant offers a variety of side dishes for 30 NTD each.

Kaohsiung Leather Belt Noodles


The restaurant, “Xian Noodle Shop” (西安麵食館) is near two tourist attractions in Zuoying District, next to Lotus Pond. It is located between the Pagoda and Shoushan National Nature Park.

Kaohsiung Lotus Pond
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Kaohsiung Shoushan National Nature Park
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The belt noodle originated in Xian, China. There, it is known as the “Biang Biang Mian.” The noodle is hand-kneaded, tossed, and slapped on the counter to form the flat, belt shape.

This is where it all began! “Biang” is the most complex Chinese character in the entire language, and you won’t find it in a dictionary because it only exists in the streets of Xian. Biang Biang noodles are named after the sound made when the large belt-like noodle dough is slapped against the counter as they are pulled.
Kaohsiung Leather Belt Noodles

My Kaohsiung Tips

  • Extra “Belts” can be ordered for 10 NTD per belt if one is not satiated
  • There is plentiful parking in front of the restaurant
  • If you want to make it at home, here is a good tutorial and video
Kaohsiung Leather Belt Noodles

Contact Information

Address: No. 6, Lane 115, Shengli Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, 813
Phone: 07 588 1517

Kaohsiung Leather Belt Noodles

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