2019 Kaohsiung Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array

🕒 Date & Time: March 30-April 7 daily 
📍 Neimen Shunxian Temple

The Neimen Songjiang Battle Array is an annual folk festival in Neiman District in Kaohsiung. Neiman is commonly recognized as the home of battle array. Song jiang was a fictional bandit in the Song novel “The Water Margin”. 

Originally, Song jiang Battle Array was composed of 108 heroes who were said to be transformed from the 36 Tiangang star gods and 72 Disha star gods. Nowadays, it is generally composed of 36 members. The battle array is largely composed by martial art skills. 


❗️More information: http://www.who-ha.com.tw/assets/files/DM_English.pdf 

❗️My Kaohsiung March&April Newsletter: https://mykaohsiung.com/2019/03/24/march-april-newsletter/

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