Are You Ready for Spring Break On The Beach (SBOTB19)?!-夏都春宴!

You’re invited to Taiwan’s Biggest Spring Break Party! Come enjoy the sun, sand, ocean, world class sound and lighting, international entertainment and complimentary drinks at the SBOTB19 (Spring Break On The Beach)!

我們誠摯的邀請您來到全台灣最大的沙灘派對! 去年有超過一萬兩千人在萬里無雲的墾丁喝著免費的酒精飲料,在世界級燈光與音響打造的國際級派對中狂歡。

Photos Courtesy of Danny Chu

SBOTB19 will take Spring Break to a new level by adding a second stage to give even more local and international acts a platform for their own brand of beach music! There will be EDM, hiphop, reggae, and maybe some salsa.


Spring Break On The Beach

SBOTB19 Dates: April 4 – April 6

SBOTB19 Place: Chateau Beach Resort 墾丁夏都沙灘酒店



🎶SBOTB19 DJ Billing

4月4日 Solberjum 🇫🇷
4月5日 Double G 🇹🇼
4月6日 Swindali 🇬🇧

Alex36 🇹🇼 Andrew 🇺🇸 Chamber 🇬🇧 Cola 🇵🇪 Cross Cutz 🇫🇷 Derex 🇹🇼 Famous 🇨🇦 Gaggo 🇵🇾 Gigolo Kev 🇹🇼 Haas 🇹🇼 JT Bounce 🇵🇭 Kreamer 🇨🇦 Logan 🇹🇼 Loud Damn 🇹🇼 Matt Hoppers 🇮🇹 Matthew 🇹🇼 Mojito(Hong Kong) 🇭🇰 Mojito(Taiwan) 🇹🇼 Money Dick 🇹🇼 Morris 🇹🇼 NekBrace 🇨🇦 PingWix 🇹🇼 Praddmix 🇭🇹 RicaRica 🇹🇼 Smokey Bear 🇲🇼 Sr.Cherry 🇱🇨 TroubleMaker 🇹🇼 Zoey & Phyllis 🇹🇼

Lawn Stage
Felk 🇫🇷 Haas 🇹🇼 Lucy 🇹🇼 MoneyDick 🇹🇼 PingWix 🇹🇼 Uppity 🇨🇦 Veli 🇫🇷 Yakashi 🇹🇼

Daytime will feature live acts and DJs playing jams to get us all in the mood to party. After the Sun sets over the water, the BPM will rise and the beach will turn into a large moonlit dance floor from the stage to the ocean. Come early to have fun on the beach, watch or compete in our beach soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, or brazilian jiu jitsu tournament, or chill poolside with a cocktail. Starting at 3pm, enjoy an open bar with 3 full hours of complimentary drinks from our sponsors and get down with our DJs, dancers and many thousands of the most beautiful people on the island!

🌞 活動從白天開始就有DJ以及現場表演者的演出,日落後,沙灘更將成為一個由月光點亮的超大舞池.盡量早點來海灘上吧! 你可以來我們的沙灘運動會中觀賽,賽事包含: 沙灘足球、沙灘排球、飛盤錦標賽以及巴西柔術。你也可以跟好朋友們在沙灘上玩耍,或在泳池畔喝杯清涼的飲料。下午三點後,您可享受整整三小時由贊助廠商提供的調酒暢飲,並與我們的DJ、舞者及成千上萬的派對群眾們在這裡一起趴踢。

A ticket gets you in at 2pm to enjoy the Sea and Sun at the nicest stretch of yellow sand on the island. You also get a special sponsored cup that can be refilled for Free at the main bar starting at 3pm. Our awesome sponsors will be providing complimentary drinks for 3 full hours!

🌞 門票可於兩點進入細緻的黃色沙灘享受海水及陽光.同時可領取一個由贊助商所提供的暢飲杯於下午三點起就可以在中間主吧檯免費續杯喔!我們的贊助商將提供大家整整三個小時的免費酒水暢飲!

Ticket Prices

🎫 2019年票價 Ticket prices
早鳥票一月份開始熱賣 Tickets go on sale January, 2019
票價含三小時暢飲 All passes Include 3 hours of open bar

🎫 單日票 Single Day Pass
早鳥 Early Bird 900 (數量有限 Limited Quantity)
預售 Pre-sale 1100
現場 Door 1300

🎫 三日連票 Three Day Pass
早鳥 Early Bird 1100 (數量有限 Limited Quantity)
預售 Pre-sale 1500
現場 Door 1900

Presale 1-Day and 3-Day Passes are on sale now. Order now for the discount! If you snooze (打盹), you loose.

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