Anti-Pollution March-為乾淨的空氣走上街頭!

(English is below)
The pollution walk is on Sunday, Nov. 11 starting at 1pm at Central Park.


AQI Kaohsiung 11-08









The pollution walk is on Sunday, Nov. 11 starting at 1pm at Central Park.
The anti-air pollution parade will appeal to the government.

(1) To immediately set laws and regulations regarding the amount of coal used.
(2) To strictly control the amount of coal used in power plants, steel plants and petrochemical plants.
(3) To abolish the laws and regulations that mobile source pollution can replace the stationary source of pollution- if you haven’t heard of this, currently, the reduced amount of coal by your e-scooter is somehow conveniently transferred for industrial use.
(4) To change Hsing-Ta Harbor power plant from coal to natural gas.
(5) To object that another petrochemical plant will be built soon in Kaohsiung by China Petroleum Corporation.


We want to see that the government oversee the many large state-owned enterprises reduce pollution. We want the government to plant more trees to reduce pollution as well as enforce other anti-pollution plans.

Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals

We will meet outside of Exit 1 of the Central Park MRT station. Walk begins at 1pm, but you can find us there as early as 12:15pm.

It is our understanding that the walk starts at Central Park -> walk down Wufu Rd -> turn right and walk on Minquan Rd -> right turn and walk on Sanduo Rd. -> ends at Sanduo Shopping District MRT.

You can leave your own transportation at home and use the MRT to and from the venues.

This is a call to ALL the public, so there’s no registration. We are not the organizers of the Anti-Pollution March, we are joining in this to make our voices heard.

Last but not least, please share and post this to let more people involved. Also if you run into your Taiwanese friends, you tell them, “Come join us. This is your island!”

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