Halloween Yacht Cruise 萬聖節遊艇派對

Date 日期: Friday, October 26 (10月26日)
Time 時間: Cruise 20:00 – 23:00 (Meet at 18:30 – 19:00)
(登船時間: 18:30-19:00 巡航時間: 20:00-23:00) 
Location 地點: Banana Pier (高雄港 香蕉碼頭)

The Ghost Yacht is coming to Kaohsiung this Friday! If you’ve never experienced a HALLOWEEN PARTY on a yacht, it’s your chance to check it off your “bucket list.”


You and your friends can celebrate Halloween in the scary waters of Kaohsiung for 3 hours in a luxury yacht. The tour includes FOOD and ALL YOU CAN DRINK beer and a DJ. Plus, there will be karaoke, games, beer pong and raffles. It will conclude with a “Best Costume” contest with awesome prizes.

萬惡鬼船將會在高雄港巡航3個小時,甲板上除了DJ表演外,還包含美味餐點以及啤酒喝到飽!更棒的是划算票價內也包含了卡拉OK歡唱,精彩遊戲,beer pong和抽獎活動!當晚會選出最佳裝扮的萬惡國王/皇后,抱走大獎.

Tickets: 1200 NTD for the whole tour package.
BONUS: FREE entrance to the Brickyard after-party.

To reserve tickets, contact message the organizer, Justin or send My Kaohsiung a message with the number of tickets to reserve.
購票請洽主辦單位 Justin 或傳訊息給My Kaohsiung (請註明報名人數)

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/hazEPnX7fp22

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