English Tutors 英語家教

Profile Ariel Wang
I’m currently studying Master’s degree in Business. I have 5 years of experience and I prepare tailored English lesson plans and materials for my students. 我是台灣人,專長是幫助學生增進英文對話和聽力的能力,上課內容都可以依據學生能力規劃.
Specialty: IELTS, TOEIC, GEPT, Business English, Academic Writing
Availability: Weekday Mornings
Shannon Profile Shannen Black
I graduated with an MBA from Leeds Business School in the United Kingdom and have many years of experience. I tutor elementary to adult students.
Specialty: GEPT, TOEIC, Business English, Grammar
Availability: Mon AM, Thur AM, Tue 5-8PM, Fri after 6PM, Sat after 2PM
MK Profile 3 Jessica Frost
Line ID: jess-frost
I have a sincere passion for helping others learn how to speak English. I have a North American accent. I am from Detroit, Michigan and have been living in Kaohsiung for 3 years. My classes have many of my own ideas worked into them with a plethora of resources available to make learning English interesting and fun. I have a decent Chinese language vocabulary and I’m not afraid to use it in class.
Specialty: Reading, Creative Writing, Science, Conversation and Art
Availability: Flexible
MK Profile Dan Radil
Line ID: darad1
I am from Connecticut in USA. I have been living in Taiwan for 7 years. I am currently in a Master’s Program at NSYSU. I have taught English in Taiwan for 7 years. I tutored Math in USA for 8+ years.
Specialty: English and Math
Availability: Flexible
George Profile George Carter
I have an MBA and 5 years experience tutoring all levels of English from elementary to adults.
Specialty: TOEIC, Business English, Phonics, Grammar
Availability: Sat 1-3PM (Advanced High School)