Sunny Girl 英閱音躍研創

About Sunny Girl

Sunny Girl joins an exclusive group of popular female characters like Mini Mouse, Dora, and Mulan. But, unlike these characters who live in “make believe” worlds, Sunny Girl lives in the modern world facing real-life situations, just like children. So, she’s able to connect with the children and teach them valuable life’s lessons like etiquette, customs, and teamwork. Her goal is to build self-confidence, respect, and a better understanding of the world in the precious children.

While Sunny Girl doesn’t have special powers, she has the gift of music! In fact, she uses her bilingual ability to not only entertain and engage with the children, but also to spark a curiosity in languages. Through language, music, and dancing, she creates a portal through which children of all ages can explore new ideas, learn to respect others, and embrace diverse cultures all the while having a blast.

Sunny Girl Dream World Album

Featuring the highly energized Being Polite along with 11 other fun & engaging tracks. Currently available via several platforms including Amazon(also via Amazon Unlimited) , Google Play, Apple Music,ITunes,Spotify,You Tube,IHeartRadio,Pandora-tidal, Deezer and more.Sample via Amazon-

Sunny Girl Dream World Book

The book currently available in Taiwan only.-There is also a 2 CD/DVD as well.

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